Another example of selfish wordly people..

by defender of truth 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Cosima

    Authentic friendship is never going to happen in the cesspool of, "What is this person's motive?" Since when is an agenda part of casual conversation among the general population? It is the Jehovah's Witness clear cut motive to engage in conversation with worldly outcasts only to share their beliefs. There is no reciprocation during which the worldly person shares ideas as the Witness listens with intent to learn. The Witness is waiting to speak again, with no respect for the speaker's words.

    Who wants to form relationships with no capacity for growth because the intellectual goon across the table will always be lobbying for Jehovah? That's a stage set for the same circular conversation each time.

    They learn nothing because they have no insight into what it means to listen. We learn nothing due to the ignorant and solely repetitious nature of feeble attempts at mind control. Lose-lose.

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