NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , Why do you think Bush went ahead to invade Iraq ???

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  • patio34

    It doesn't seem that outrageous to pull down the statue of Bush in parody of Hussein. Many many people feel Bush has become somewhat of a dictator here. But, if it offends "people like you," i guess that's your problem. Much of what Bush has done has been much more than offensive to so many people, including the dead Iraqis' family members killed in the so-called smart bombing.


  • czarofmischief

    All right then.

    no more talk.


  • gentlesoul

    To say that one is "UNAMERICAN" simply because he does not support the president that he (or) she did not vote for is like saying "Your not a Christian" if your not a Jehovah Witness.

    That is a piss poor excuse that some have come up with to retaliate against those who despise this war. It has been since Governments were first started that they are full of deception and corruptions. Bush is not the first to lie to us and I am sure he will not be the last.

    We all know his reason for Iraq and we all know it was deception that got us there, if a person cannot except that this was all out of false pretenses then we can except that some are blind and want to support those they voted for not that your vote counts for anything in this country anyways.

    We also know that most of you are young and that most of you were also involved in the Jehovahs Witness faith and that it suppressed you from understanding and from being involved in Government, and to be quite honest I don't know how you can have an honest opinion about any part of the Government without any prior experience in it. I was never a JW so I was never supressed by it but I know enough about that religion and understand what it has done to those involved.

    G.W.Bush is a liar and a deceiver just like the many before him. Every reason for going to Iraq has panned to be a lie or incorrect excuse. What I do not understand is why Bush and Blair are not standing before the courts for war crimes. I realize that it is hard for some of you to understand these things because you have been blinded for so many years and I pitty you for that.

    But just because someone does not support a President does not make them unamerican and I'll just bet that none of you here that accuse others of being unamerican would not dare do so in someones face as you would probably see just how American they really are. You might find your face rearranged by saying so in their faces. I know for myself that if a person came to me and said if you do not support G.W.Bush I was not American I would show just how American I was by showing them my right to bear arms........Club Me

  • czarofmischief

    The next anti war protest will see my fury...


  • gentlesoul


    Your "FURY" will only make yourself ill.................

  • AlanB

    Well I thought the toppling of Bush's statue a bit of a laugh, we use humour a lot in England to express our views.

    Re the comment on War Crimes, there is a movement of lawers who are attempting to do just that. A senior member of the British government has admitted the act was illegal.

    There is a web site, I was going to post the UK site, however on performing a search it came up with a whole range from the UK & US so if you search legal action against the war in Yahoo or Google you can track the progress in the country of your choice.

    In the UK site there is a letter you can print off and take to your local police station, they have a duty to investigate.


  • Panda

    You (Great Britain) never paid for that stuff anyway (Marshall Plan). Why? Because the rebuilding of Europe was paramount, not getting paid for equipment.

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Someone should point out to Simon how well I'm learning the fine art of civility and manners.

    The reasons to invade were many and sadly the reasons for staying are becoming apparent. We turned control of a check station over the local Iraqis and they were promptly overrun and killed. So now it appears we are stepping up agressions.

    The time to turn over complete control is set for next June. I wonder if we'll be even close by then.

    Oh the statue of Bush being yanked down was well done. Czar I honestly wasn't offended in the least by it. I would venture Bush and Blair watched that together and had some laughs. If that sort of action makes the protestors feel good then all the better. I think the thing that gets to me much more is the spitting on of our flag. That is disrespectful, I wouldn't dream of doing that to say, Englands flag regardless of how I felt about Blair.

  • Panda

    Good point Stacy. Somehow the protesters think that because they enact some rude behavior like flag spitting that that'll change the politicians minds --- or impress ANYONE? I was just watching some SH/Iraq documentary and I am amazed that anyone would support such a paranoid despot. But if the US is so great that flag spitting has become a favotite Brit past time, well greatness has it's detractors, right?

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