Do YOU Think Biden Actually Won As President?

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  • TD

    I'd also like to point out that all the players involved in this audit are active on Twitter and you can get updates directly from the politicians themselves if you're interested in this sort of thing. (It really is unprecedented)

    Karen Fann (@FannKfann) is the Senate President and primary mover and shaker behind the audit.

    Maricopa Country (@maricopacounty) is the mouthpiece of the Board of Supervisors, who oppose the audit

    The Senate and Board of Supervisors are both strongly Republican, so although there has been some backbiting, it is not as partisan as it is being presented nationally.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm ok with going along with Biden winning, although I don't know for sure.

    Anyhoo, the postal vote system needs to be protected against fraud.

    Trump is and always wull remain the loser he is no matter what - Trump actually won a presidential election.

    Here's the real loser ...

    Hillary Clinton - Wikipedia

  • pistolpete

    As a resident of Maricopa County and someone who follows politics pretty closely, I'd like to point out a few things ....It never hurts to vet your sources. The one you quoted from is garbage.

    I could say the same thing about you TD. Just cause your are a resident of Maricopa County means shit.
  • TD

    ......AND here is the official Twitter account of the senate liaison for the audit.

    Maricopa Arizona Audit (@ArizonaAudit) / Twitter

    More to the point, here is an interview with the audit liaison and former Senate President, Ken Bennet on the 12th, just before the audit was paused and the ballots went back into storage.

    Here is the amendment to the rental contract of the Coliseum, signed by Karen Fann herself, which clearly shows that the ballots were going to be stored from the 12th to 23th:

    And two days ago, here is OAN news personality Christina Bobb asking for donations to complete the audit when it resumes:\

  • WingCommander

    All I know is, 5 months in and I'm ready for Trump to be back in!!!!!! I don't know if the US can survive 4 whole years of this senile moron. I have a feeling that we'll be looking back at the Trump Presidency as "The Good ol' Days" when gas was under $2/gallon, ammo was cheap, jobs were plentiful, terrorists were on the run, and the outlook was bright.

  • Incognito
  • minimus

    Trump has his flaws but I think he won. I can’t see how Biden got installed.

  • Incognito

    Biden was so confidant he would win, he barely bothered to campaign. When he did campaign, few people could be bothered to show up to see/hear him speak, yet I have seen it claimed he is the most popular candidate in history.

    The Time Magazine article explains how the election was 'fortified' to save democracy.

  • MeanMrMustard

    I do not think the AZ audit will show anything new. The one thing they didn't want checked were the signatures. They had no problem showing the voting machines. The voting-machine-rigging line from Lynn Wood was always a giant distraction.

    And of course the GOP thought it would be a win to give up the signature audit in exchange for voting machines access. Fail.

  • Simon

    I think anyone claiming that there were not HUGE irregularities in that election and that it was all squeaky clean and above board has some serious self delusion going on.

    It was banana-republic level shit and it was blatant.

    2016 was a surprise and the establishment clearly didn't want to risk being caught with their pants down a 2nd time so they made absolutely sure.

    That things "haven't been proven" is immaterial to whether it happened when the lack of proof is more down to lack of investigation and adherence to election rules for scrutineering.

    Imagine you were blind-folded and robbed, would you honestly accept that you hadn't been robbed just because you didn't get to witness it? Esp. if the same people refuse to allow it to be investigated were the same ones who put the blindfold on you and have your stuff in the back of their car?

    The election stinks. Only crazy TDS sufferers believe Biden and the Hyena are remotely popular because there was zero evidence all the way through the election and they still can't draw a crowd ... even for an online zoom call.

    No one in their right mind would trust Biden to mind their house for half a day without fearing that he'd burn it down, leave a tap on and flood it or reverse his car through the front-door, let alone believe that he's genuinely competent of running the country, dealing with the economy, and standing up to China.

    Now inflation is risking a real "crack-up boom" because the keys were handed over to ideological crack-pots who think pissing away $$$ trillions on BS "social" programs and green-new-deal fantasy is going to achieve something. It will of course, not what you were promised, but it will make them and their cronies extremely wealthy and difficult to un-elect.

    They are paying for it all with your children's and grand-children's future.

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