Come on, Mainstream Media!

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  • Wild_Thing

    Another way I thought it draw attention is in the political realm. Politicians love to hang their hat on the right cause. Personally, I think there should be mandatory reporting in EVERY state, and the clergy should not be exempt from reporting any abuse involving children. This is an issue that I think even members of mainstream religion could hang their hat on. I think there could be a case made that not reporting abuse could violate a child's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, so no one should be exempt from it.

  • Londo111

    Other equally sized or smaller religious groups like Scientology and the LDS get much more negative press.

    What I do wonder if there are a just a handful of JWs who work in various news organization...say NBC or CNN...and they can subtly nudge unfavorable stories to the bottom of the pile.

  • sir82
  • steve2

    I disagree that other small groups have received wider media attention than JWs. The attention Scientologist hsvebteceived has been predominantly due to some members who are well-known individuals. The recent documentary did not gain widespread attention. Mormons have received relatively little attention - esp for their response to child-Sex allegations.

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