Aust Census Data shows decrease while Yearbook shows increase

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think it means that there are a lot of POMO and PIMO JWs in Australia and the rate of growth of this demographic is greater than the rate of growth of POMI and PIMI demographic. Because Watchtower is looking at growth rate only in terms of actual new recruits as a percentage of baptized members, there could indeed be an increase in this figure. But the national census is looking at all who are willing to identify as JW, which would include MI X-JW, MI inactive JWs and even unbaptized publishers and MI bible students. So there must be a lot more MI X-JWs and MI inactive JWs who are going MO.

    The national census reflects the growth rate of the number of mental JWs. The Watchtower figures represent the growth rate of the number of physical JWs. The growth rate of mental JWs is reducing but the growth rate of the number of physical JWs is increasing.

  • steve2

    Keep in mind too that the census question asks respondents about their religious affiliation not whether or not they are "active" members of religion as defined by the religion itself.

    We all know of people who no longer associate with JW organization but at some level "believe" it is the "truth" - even though you wouldn't think so, given their (ahem) lifestyle choices.

    My hunch is that people raised in the religion - in contrast to those converted as adults with no family in the organization - are more likely to carry an unthinking "truth" residue with them through life because that's how religious indoctrination works.

  • shepherdless

    Yes, Island Man, that is probably the explanation in a nutshell. More PIMO's and less POMI's in recent times.

    jwfacts: you are more than welcome to use any data I have. I can send it to you in excel format if it helps.

  • slimboyfat

    Thanks Earnest for the yearbook numbers. There's quite a discrepancy between the two trends isn't there?

  • Vidiot
    shepherdless - "Census Data shows decrease while Yearbook shows increase..."

    Gosh, I wonder which one is to be believed.

  • slimboyfat

    Both. They show different things. The yearbook shows the number of people who turn in reports, whereas the census shows the number of people who describe themselves or their children as JWs. They are probably both pretty accurate for what they claim to measure.

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