Has Watchtower financial strategy taken a very dark turn?

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  • neverendingjourney

    Or they could take a page out of the Mormon playbook and encourage their members to go to college. You know, so they can actually afford to contribute something.

    Mormons have been doing this for decades, even constructing their own university, and they're growing at a higher rate than JWs.

  • airborne
    Great point about the GB being amoral Phizzy. Never thought of it like that. But they are.
  • TheListener
    Just to add about finances, I had the opportunity to hear various dubs talk this last week. One thing I picked up on is that none of those talking, very faithful dubs, donate for literature anymore since its mostly electronic. They donate some for local building expenses but thats about all they can afford. And they aren't thrilled about basically being pushed into tablet use, although they love the convenience.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    I think you are completely right. These members of the GB are supposed to be business men that give directives for the corporation, they have throw to the curb any moral duty they have toward it's members welfare it seems and are interested only in the financial survival of the corporation. They seem to be in such a financial jam that they have little time to contemplate the hardships they are putting their loyal members through and can only think of how to save the sinking ship WatchTanic.

    To them it is all just numbers and what is best for the corporation and figuring out what to tell their members to keep them pacified and get more assets from. They are purely in that mode of thinking and in denial of very important facts and so they will only get worse and worse the more desperate they become till the whole thing goes up in smoke.

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