Effectiveness of exposing child abuse

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  • Tallon

    Thought I would try and gauge your views on the effectiveness of current child abuse exposure within the JW's.

    I am aware of the ARC investigation into historical and current child abuse, the UK Charity Commission investigation, and the excellent work of Trey Bundy.

    However, how effective has the above been in exposing child abuse?

    Would not an investigation in the manner of SPOTLIGHT, be more effective in exposing it to a wider audience? To prove that the abuse is 'systemic'?

  • Phoebe

    Apart from the fact my JW neighbour has just heard the BBC radio 4 programme on JWs and abuse, no other JW I've spoken to has a clue. In fact they say, the organization is 'very hot' on dealing with child abuse. So, no, from my point of view it isn't getting heard and here no one has heard about the ARC or anything.

  • DesirousOfChange

    no other JW I've spoken to has a clue. In fact they say, the organization is 'very hot' on dealing with child abuse.

    Here in the US, it has gotten very little exposure (bad pun?) or none at all unless the JW has ventured into "unauthorized" sources. The Conti award ($28 million) made the major news the same day that the Penn State conviction did, so it was more or less, lost in the shuffle of stories that day.

    It wasn't that a child abuse story was news, because they are not. There have been way too many of them through the years (RCC, Boy Scouts, Schools, etc) It was the $28 million that made it "news". The Penn State issue was newsworthy because it involved the football team.

  • joe134cd

    I physically got a copy of the Royal commision findings that I down loaded off the net. Showed my father and uber relative the underlined part about GJ comment about been presumptious. To be told I was focusing on the negative and it was an example of imperfect humans. I then said well what about the catholic church. The reply to that was I was an apostate. I just give up trying to reason with these people. I have come to realize that it won't be until Wt prints something front cover that it will be believed by the R&F that there is a problem with it.

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