Jehovah's Witnesses jettisons Brooklyn development site for $2.45 million

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The millions just keep rolling in...….


  • Finkelstein

    But where are the JWS in Brooklyn to go for their meetings ?

    Oh the humanity

    I guess they've will just have to stay home and go on-line.

    That's how the WTS/JWorg is treading these days anyways.

    Where would Jah be right now without the Inter-Net

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Looks like the GB figured out that a person can watch WT videos at home while sipping Scotch Whiskey a whole lot easier than going to a brick and mortar church. Call it: Church-on-the-Rocks.

    Who could have predicted that the billions of dollars that the brothers donated for the "building work" would one day not be needed because of the internet? It's not their fault they reason. Jehovah took his time so we took the cash.

    So long suckers!

  • careful

    Thanks for the post and info.

  • zeb

    The $$ will help pay their bills for the Canadian class action.

  • nonjwspouse

    Is someone here keeping a running total of all the selliing prices?

  • blondie

    Actually, one congregation was maintained near Brooklyn Bethel, mostly for older Bethelites and people from the area. At one time when I lived out there, jws from Greenwich also traveled to that KH because there were so few jws in that area. Some Bethelites in NYC had to travel over an hour one way on subway or ride-sharing with a Bethelite who had a car.

    Even at the once named WT Farm, only one congregation was maintained on the property, for carefully selected Bethelites and local people. Otherwise, Bethelites were farmed out to various congregations throughout the are in upstate NY, some having to travel over an hour one way on subway or ride-sharing with a Bethelite who had a car. Near WT Farm there were about 40 congregations in the area and the rest of the Bethelites were divided up into those. Assignments to congregations located 50 miles away one way were done on a voluntary basis. The congregation I went to was 30 miles away one way, but we still had 25 Bethelites in a congregation of 100. Bethelites then made up 1/4 of the publishers.

    Yes, I am sure they have had to consolidate congregations in NYC due to the loss of Bethelites at their meetings and also a drop in the number of elders since so many on these BOEs were Bethelites. I am sure it has been an big adjustment for the congregations in NYC since the move out of Brooklyn Bethel to Warwick.

  • Finkelstein

    This sounds like Jehovah's holy spirit in action to me.

    Irregardless what happens, he always wins the Cash $$$

  • smiddy3

    My question is : What individual or body of individuals have control over the millions of dollars that the JW/WT religion have made from all of these sell offs of property in Brooklyn /New York State ?

    Is it the G.B. members / lawyers ? that control all of this money together or who ?

    Human nature being what it is someone has their finger in the pie .

    Anthony Morris buys 12 bottles of top shelf scotch worth over $800 ,that`s only one thing we have stumbled upon what else has been going on all of these years , what else have the other G.B. members been doing skimming the cream off the the life only you and I can dream about ?

    call me a cynic but I wouldn`t put anything past them .

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