November WT God's View Of War

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  • Finkelstein

    It is also clear that the nation of Israel was highly superstitious and would attribute every battle's outcome to the whims of a higher power.

    Which was typical of most of the civilizations in that era and region did.

    Is it any wonder why the Hebrews claimed their god was the mightiest of them all ?

    The Hebrew's God YHWH was the leading cause of murder and death in the bible and apparently he's superposed to whack a bunch more pretty soon according to his publishing house here on earth, the WTS./JWS.

  • smiddy

    Apparently Jehovah invented the sword before Adam would have even contemplated such a thing.

    Not just an ordinary sword either , but a " flaming sword" ? .Gen 3:24 To prevent Adam and Eve and their offspring going back into the Garden of Eden where they were expelled from.

    So Jehovah God is the one to introduce a weapon that is used to kill another living thing . { Not Satan the Devil } don`t you think that is an interesting point ?

    Jehovah God demonstrated from earliest times he had the power of life and death over mankind being their creator ,

    If then he was a GOD of love why would he use human beings to slaughter fellow human beings that he never gave the same options to as his so called chosen nation.

    He favoured the Nation of Israel , he neglected every other nation and persecuted them , without regard for old men , young men , women , or children ,feel sorry for no one was his directive ,

    Doesn`t that make you think ? Question ? things ? .That`s all I ask is that you use your God given brain to reason things out for yourselves and not just take for granted what other people tell you what to believe., and to expect you not to query it. And if they do , then a red flag should go up immediately , why don`t they want me to question it .



  • prologos
    If you have a flaming sword rotating, flames trailing, you have the original Swastika. ivented by who?so: there is nothing new under the sun (oh, I forgot there was no clear sun before the flood)
  • Finkelstein

    Its sad and bit disturbing that people today thousands after this mythical creature was first envisioned that people still believe it to be real and are willing to forfeit their life for something that never existed except in someone's lucid imagination.

  • stuckinarut2

    So when David and other "righteous " ones of old get ressurected, who is going to tell them that it is now NOT ok to go killing people?

    Oh and who is going to tell the ancients that they CANT have multiple wives?

    Oh and who is going to tell LOT, that although the bible calls him a man of faith, he was actually a selfish person who took to living in the wrong part of the world, then thought it was OK to commit incest...twice?

  • prologos

    who is going to tell them? Jws will, and forever. turning in monthly reports of time spent.

    perhaps David can practise his prowess with the sword on the sinners that "will die a hundred years old, yet fresh like a boy", and these resurrected and then impotent resurrected males will try hormone treatment to rise to the occasion again? but they will learn war no more, just keeping old skills.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Amen smiddy!

    I've mentioned this very point to my wife. OMG! The sirens went off in her head. Then about 3 months later I overheard her discussing this with another ubber dubber! Maybe logic will win her over!

    just saying!


  • smiddy

    Something else I noticed that I thought was Gen.3: 24 " And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life" .According to Gen.2 :9 "Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to ones sight and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad."

    The cherubs and the continually flaming blade of a sword were only posted at the east of the garden of Eden , so what was stopping Adam or Eve from entering the garden of Eden from either the North ? South ?

    or West ?of the garden of Eden ?.

    Obviously nothing according to the scriptures

    This might seem on it`s own like a small unimportant point , however think about it .

    .Doesn`t this fact make the account in Genesis more unbelievable ?

    Just asking


  • TheWonderofYou

    Thor Odinson entered the sanctuary with caution preparing his mind to meet the Eternal Bearer of the Undistinguisable Tetragram. Thor vs. Jehovah. A real and necessary battle? Thors visit aimed to explore the deeper meaning of the 4 letters, if they had something to tell him or not. Would Y H W H bring peace without sword and wars from North to South? Mjolnir Thor's hammer made of Uru metal was dithering for any case. Silence was in that moment lying over the desert and the oasis named Gan Eyden [Garden of Eden in hebrew] next to the mountains of Seir, where the Unpronouncable and Unvisible deigned to live inmidst of egyptian winged cherubim. It was silent like at dawn of a war.

    Would it come to a spiritual trial of strength between Thor's dwarven crafted Power Sword and the Name Bearers' ever changing chameleon like Silver Sword? Would his sword be a match in a real fight with the FireSword in the east of the garden? At that moment the chances seemed to be equal. All Swords were only blazing gently in the morning sun.

    Thor intended to make a peaceful visit and his PowerSword was destined to remain in the sheath. But what if, what if Adonai in his rage about the Northern people went so far to take his changes?

    Restraining the lightning of the Sword and but with low thunder he slowly walked between the two curtains awaiting immediatly some large revelation of power or phenomenon. But nothing happened. No God had ever entered the Sanctum before.. but nothing happened. ...He would fight for his rights...for sure. .. Why should his thunder and lightning not be strong enough to defeat an unvisible God. They definitely existed like he existed.

    Im not afraid of you. Come on, show yourself“ he thought.

    He looked around and saw the ...aarkkk of the covenant .. wow beautiful. But didnt they tell us that there was never an ark in the sanctum? How did it get here? I thought it was an ever unfullfilled hope but now when I see it standing here ... wow... a really impressive symbol but I wanna speak with you about ....

    YHWH: " Your important role in the comics definitely awakened you, you got into your head to come here and complain about me?

    Thor: "You give the impression to be real, you influence people with your silver sword that is ever changing and confusiong but instead of explaining your word personally you are always hiding yourself. Less and less people believe in you. We should talk about a role in a comics for you."

    YHWH "Ha, why after all don't you complain about other Gods Zeus, Dionysos, Zarathustra, the persians, the egypgians, or your father Odin , meaningless too..why exactly about me?

    Thor "You are the "E T E R N A L" ...perhaps? Shouldnt you remain meaningful, at least more than for the usage of mythical bible comics for children?

    YHWH "Dont you know that you are standing on a holy ground, that I am only tolerating you in my possession, in my beautiful garden and temple while you are besmirtching my name and my house with your PowerSword, hammer and dirty thoughts? It would be better if you stopped argumenting, because I dont argument, my witnesses dont argument too, they only preach."

    Thor "What would you propose"?

    YHWH "We could stop talking and begin meditating togehter, i heard that is a popular eastern method of relaxation, but hunted by the catolic witchhunters because it centeres about inner personality, therefore it sounds exiting for me. I like to speak silently with my inner personality that widens my horizon.'"

  • TheWonderofYou

    Thor "I am open for changes, though I cant image how that should work, talking about your preaching witnesses..... and media.... or what? May I finish and come to an end with my thoughts before we start doint that together ...mediating?"

    YHWH "Not really, dont you see that I am extremly mad about "r e l i g i o n s" at all, id rather sing or paint than talking about your questions.

    Thor "My father the Great Odin taught me that I may never begin a fight, only defend myself if necessary. But I should always be heartiful and love should be my motivation. My Power Sword thus would be only a symbol for my Might, and my HAMMER only a symbol for my shattering influence. But I should never use it to harm someone. ..You listen?"

    YHWH "Nothing new so far. Havent we... my brother son, my sister spirit and my mother like humble self always advocated this? I appreciate that you Northern people were so loving, that you even ascribe to your Father God Odin the loving kindness of a father, a honour that he has only copied from me then, but its okay. Oh did i interrupt you?"

    Thor: "Before loosing my thread...People are confused about you ADONAI. They will never understand why you ordered your people Israel to kill innocent residents of the promised land. Did you give them your blessing for being obidient warriors? And Why should you have killed residents of Canaan at all. For believing in Father EL or Lord BAAL, the first god of the mountains and stars and the other of the Thunder and the weather? How would combatting against any mountains and weather Gods not be stupid? I mean was it worth the war at all, because Thunder and Lighning exists even today, like I exist, I Thor, I am a witness?"

    YHWH "Who believes in such mist and dirtiness about me?"

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