Australian States & Territories Fail to Sign Up on a Redress Scheme For Victims of Child Sexual Abuse.

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  • smiddy3

    At a recent COAG {,Council Of Australian Governments} meeting the subject/issue of states & territories to sign up for a National redress scheme to compensate victims of institutional abuse sexual and otherwise fell on deaf ears.

    Not one state or Territory agreed to sign up

    Not one.

    I am sure the victims of Child sexual abuse within various institutions not only the Jehovah`s Witnesses victims would be very disheartened to learn that.individual states and Territories of Government within Australia do not support a National Redress scheme to compensate victims of child sexual abuse .

    The South Australian Govt. to my understanding is they will never do so

    I look forward to your comments and stand to be corrected if anything I have said is incorrect.

    Thank you

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Again money is more important than people. So sad.

  • Hecce


    Do you have a link?


  • Incognito

    What did victims do previously?

    If the Australian government or its states are not supportive to a consistent method to compensate victims, then it appears individual victims will have little option but to continue pursuing individual court litigation.

  • stuckinarut2

    All it will take is one braves state to say yes, and the others will then feel morally compelled to do likewise.

    Almost like positive peer pressure...

  • sparrowdown

    With politics it's all about votes and money unfortunately.

  • smiddy3

    Sorry Hecce I don`t have a link it was reported on ABC radio station and I haven`t been getting the papers lately so I don`t know if it was reported there.

    And I haven`t seen anything on TV about it either.

  • shepherdless

    I haven’t found any news item on it. I looked at the COAG website. There was a meeting a few days ago. The Royal Commission was on the agenda, and there was a wispy washy statement made about unifying child protection laws across the states, but no mention of funding compensation.

    It sounds to me like there is a behind the scenes arm wrestle about which arm of government is going to cover any shortfall in compensation available to victims, where the relevant institution or religion doesn’t have the funds. Issues over who pays occur regularly in Aust Federal vs State relations, and it is one of the main reasons COAG exists. It will be sorted out with some horse trading, and if not, the Federal Govt will pay.

  • Hecce

    Thanks smiddy3

  • smiddy3

    Thanks for that clarification shepherdless .

    In earlier reports the JW`s had objections to joining the redress scheme also ,I wonder how that`s going.

    In that ABC regional radio station report it also said that the Catholic Church supported the redress scheme proposed by the Government.And at least they have come out with public apologies .

    Not so the Jehovah Witness Organization

    Congregation`s deny such a problem even exists and blame it on apostate lies

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