1 bilion property revenue since august 2016 and still they have not enough

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I suggest a slight modification to the scripture at Proverbs 27; 15,16 and add the JW organisation to the list of things which "never say enough". Although wealthier than kings they have an insatiable appetite for worldly riches.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Just to be clear, I blanking HATE that money-grubbing cult!

    But they do not have any private jet. The planes discussed in those links are just run-of-the-mill working airplanes, just like those used by many small businesses and individuals in Alaska. And they're NOT jets. They are simple piston engine airplanes.

    I really don't like defending them on anything, but I did want to clear up any misconceptions. Every unfounded accusation from "those apostates" helps undo the good that exposing the Society's real evils is supposed to accomplish. It undermines our credibility. They'll point at one false (or overblown) charge and say, "See! If they lied about that, you can't trust ANYTHING they say! Don't listen to 'em! It's all lies!"

    Just sayin'...

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