Rumour about the reason of my disfellowshipping: Spiritism!

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  • Daniel1555

    In November I was disfellowshipped for apostasy or in other words, because I live by my conscience and not according to the unloving rules of a human organisation. Details of my story and the judicial committee you find in my older threads.

    I am lucky, as the relationship to my parents is the same as before. Now my mother told me what one elder (Cobe of the congregation of my ex wife) told one sister.

    He met her on the street and talked about my disfellowshipping. He told her that I was disfellowshipped because of spiritism.

    Well, I like Harry Potter and all kind of fantasy stories and fairytales.

    LOL In their eyes I must be a devil worshipper practicing witchcraft and magic ;-) when all I did was standing in for my conscience, celebrating my sons birthday and sticking to my conviction that in a medical urgency I would never ever let my son bleed to death.

  • goingthruthemotions
    the JW belief system is just like lord of the rings its all fairytails. i would call that spiritism
  • punkofnice
    He met her on the street and talked about my disfellowshipping. He told her that I was disfellowshipped because of spiritism.

    So much for confidentiallity!

    The JWs love their rumours and tall stories. what else do they have to make their lives interesting?

    there were all sorts of rumours about me...all of them lies and idiotic.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Yeah, when they don't know the facts, they will fill in rumors.

    When I resigned as elder then faded quickly, the rumor started that I had a huge difference of opinion with the body of elders over some unknown issue. Then pride made me resign and stop attending. None of that is true, but they can't imagine I just woke up to TTATT.

  • Crazyguy
    Their the truth, so when one quits it must be for reasons other then finding fault in their truth, because it's the truth, didn't you know.
  • WTWizard

    The jokehovians practice spiritism, but they do not know it. You read the LIE-ble? Yup, those chapter and verse numbers are spiritism--against the whole human race. There are 66 books in the damnation book--tying in with Saturn's energy. There are also 150 songs in the songbook (only 145 are up and running, with the other 5 forthcoming). This is another number tying in with Saturn.

    And why are so many of the boasting sessions on Sunday? Yup, to tie the energy of the Sun with field circus in an effort to boost participation and results. The evening boasting session is often Thursday, tying Jupiter's expansive energy into field circus. They want more people pious-sneering, they want more people putting in more time, they want more people responding, so they tie in with the day of Jupiter.

    Not to mention the damnation book itself. How often do people get excited about every little thing, often tying pent-up energy from frustrated wants (why else is so much banned here?) into this. The videos often tie into this, similarly to how they did when you were in school. And when they have baubles (Mercury is retrograde, which will increase the rate of mis-clicks and video buffering), that ties in even more of this repressed energy. This is exceptionally effective with those T^^ds of the LIE-ble videos (yes, it is somewhat dirty but that is the only word that fits). And what about getting more people to waste their lives going to Africa to spread the washtowel cancer by tying in this energy with videos detailing these stupid trips?

    They also do poverty workings. Each time they have a part about donating more money, digging into your savings or going into debt, giving up that ice cream cone, or how it is wrong to want material things, they are effectively using spiritism to program people's minds to reject wealth. Even the Kingdumb maladies do this, vibrating it through your soul if you as much as mouth them.

    Yet, they do not allow people to use astrology to avoid wasting time in pointless field circus. Mercury is retrograde, and will be so until January 25 or 26 (depending on where you live). Also, when the moon is void of course, going out in field circus is likely going to produce nothing. On the flip side, with Saturn going to 16 degrees of Sagittarius in early March (before going retrograde within that degree) and Neptune in 9 Pisces starting February 16, they are going to have plenty of ammunition to bring more people into the cancer when the dollar becomes toilet paper and the stock market crashes. (This will repeat in the fall, with Neptune retrograding into 9 Pisces September 27 and Saturn re-entering 16 Sagittarius November 16.

    Yes, if anyone can be disfellowshipped for spiritism, the whole religion should be.

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