Pale.Emperor Summons Some Demons

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  • pale.emperor

    Remember when we were JWs and all loved to hear demon stories? And then there was always that paranoid person that would shut us up "in case they're listening"? And the resident crazy every congregation seems to have that claims to have been possessed at some point?

    I'm an atheist but seeing as I keep being told by evangelicals and even some former JWs that demons do indeed exist I decided to get a final answer on this and to try... and I mean really try to see if demons/jinns/spirits whatever you want to call them exist.

    What I've done over the past three months should have made my home a cesspit of demonic activity. At least by JW or evangelical standard.

    Here’s some of the things I’ve done:

    • Burned a bible.
    • Made a Ouija board and used it - nothing.
    • Burned the Ouija board - nothing.
    • Bought tarot cards and used them - nothing.

    • Spent the night in a so-called “haunted” house - nothing.
    • Hired a witch to curse my home - I lost my WiFi signal for the day but then Virgin Media informed me it was them drilling through a cable outside and I actually got £40 compensation.
    • Got the witch to burn a bible.

    • Got the witch to do tarot in my house while invoking any spirits at all.

    • Drew a huge inverted pentacle on the floor in the spare room, lit candles between each triangle and openly summoned Satan - nothing.
    • Read the Satanic bible and openly called out the names of the different names of “the devil”.
    • Regularly blasphemed god (I called him some pretty terrible things).
    • I collect Hindu idols.
    • I used a statue of Jesus to shovel dog shit from my back yard.
    • I used pages of the bible to smoke my joints.

    So far nothing has happened. I really think I've given it a good go. But I've had nothing. So that's that.

    Have a great day!

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Nice to see the face with the name!

    Also Disney got their impression of witches all wrong! This young lady doesn't appear wrinkly, old, smelly or anything like that at all.

    Or was she shapeshifting to deceive us all?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You could have saved yourself all that trouble by looking at the millions upon millions who celebrate halloween every year and nary a demon is encountered.

    P.S. You might want to be careful of smoking anything wrapped in paper that contains potentially toxic/ carcinogenic ink and bleaches.

  • pale.emperor

    She’s actually since become a friend of mine. I did the photography for her coven.

  • nowwhat?

    There's something wrong with you

  • pale.emperor

    There's something wrong with you

    You reckon?

  • rockemsockem

    I can not prove there is no god or supernatural things. No one can prove it. Its impossible. But I have seen nothing that leads me to believe they really exist.

  • truth_b_known

    Obviously if you were really serious about summoning demons you would have bought some Smurfs for the house. Then it would look like a scene out of Poltergeist in your living room.

  • rockemsockem

    My La Luna Tarot card tattoo I got in Yebor City.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What you did Pale is not unreasonable. When I was about eleven I tried all sorts of methods divination with the same success as you had, there was no response-- nuffink!

    What exercises my mind is the infantile respect people have for unseen, unknowable and un-provable spirits. In five thousand years of literature promoting the worship and fear of gods and demons, there has never been a single concrete proof of the the existence of even one spirit being let alone a god.

    But I protest! most people believe in gods and demons, how can most of the world be wrong?

    OK they do exist!......but only in people's minds.

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