Is the term "worldly" outdated?

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  • blondie

    In approximately 1980 the WTS stopped using the word to refer to persons or people but things, ideas, etc.

    the term was replaced with unbelieving although I think Protestants and Catholics would be offended still.

  • berrygerry

    I was going to post:

    A WT word not found in Webster's: worldling

    However -

    (WT usages:

    The accepting of bride money from a worldling in any amount in order to marry a dedicated Christian daughter to him is untheocratic. It does not imitate Jehovah’s strict law to Israel. It endangers the daughter’s eternal welfare, thus to put her in subjection to an undedicated worldling.

    . Even the worldling Mark Twain recognized this principle when he wrote

    HOW different the New World society is from the cold and loveless old world! Each worldling looks out for his own interests and cares not how his neighbor fares.

    So while the worldling gives to a man for what he has, the Christian gives to a man for what he is—his neighbor, his brother.

    By this keeping together as a couple the unbeliever might be helped toward salvation in the new world, which help would not be possible if the two were said to be improperly living together and the believer was therefore said to be conniving at spiritual adultery by the worldling.

    We are grateful for this relationship, ready to admit it, to call notice to it, without shame or embarrassment to do so because of what some worldling might think. Worldlings call one another by first names under many circumstances

    In the wake of all this some worldling will cry out:

    A worldling with a healthy constitution may go through it unaffected, whereas a faithful Christian may be laid low with it and die or have a hard time recovering. )

  • blondie


    [wurld-ling] /ˈwɜrld lɪŋ/
    a person devoted to the interests and pleasures of this world; a worldly person.
  • blondie
    Many worlds can be strange to us because they come from a time era long before ours, perhaps that of Fred Franz or Knorr and have now disappeared from daily use. Remember up until the 1990's what age the WTS writers were.

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