Another K Hall taken by the money grab?

by Farmer Jim1 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Farmer Jim1
    Farmer Jim1

    Delighted to see that my old congregation seems to have had its Kingdom Hall taken in the worldwide money grab. Eccles, Manchester. Hall was in Swinton but no longer appears on and the cong seems to be meeting in Urmston. Anyone know anything about it? Hope this wakes up some of the members to what is really going on in the organisation but can’t help feeling sad for the poor believers left in there that now have to fork out more for travel. Sure the WT would get a tidy sum for that property & land although I doubt it would fund even one of the child abuse payouts that they’re trying to hide from members.

  • cobweb

    Not heard about that. But you remind me of a Victoria Wood Dinner ladies episode:

    'Did you know, there are two ways to get to Urmston'

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    I'm PIMO, and I was telling someone recently about all of the Watchtower properties being sold, and this person actually got a little upset with me. It's as if they know that something is wrong, and they want to avoid any little thing that might burst their bubble. I'm surprised the person I was talking to didn't just plug their ears and go, "La la la la la, I don't hear you, la la la la la."
  • waton

    worldwide money grab.

    ha ha, it truly is , not isolated incidents. happening on all islands, not just the UK.

  • pepperheart

    From 2016 they have started selling off 3,000 kindom halls around the world.

  • dozy

    It's becoming a bit of a fire sale , I'm afraid. Everything must go.....

  • joe134cd

    Heart warming hearing these experiences

  • zeb

    I have a gut feeling that each cong is monitored and once the income to the wt gets below a certain level it becomes sale time!

  • WingCommander

    The Governing Body have their lakeside retreat all built and paid for. What do they care how far people have to drive? Just keep sending them your hard-earned money. Oh, and OBEY.

  • tiki

    Zeb has it...any for profit masquerading as a non profit is going to phase out those operations that cost more to operate than they bring in. And all the silver and the gold belongs to their private God?!? They need to consider that perhaps they are under his malediction......

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