Is there new light about joining the Military?

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  • ShirleyW

    I'm sure there's probably not, but on JWMatch, which I subscribe to for laughs, I got their usual email today saying they found the perfect match for me, He's in Hawaii, I'm in NYC, he's 40 and I"m 18 years older, perfect so far, right? ANYWAY below is the first line of his narrative introducing himself

    I am disfellowshipped and likely won't be reinstated until I retire from the military in three years.

    That certainly caught my eye, but then he writes so much more, I'll just share a few more sentences and you tell me if there's some new light about serving in the military or this guy needs some more studying with the most pompous elder available.

    I'm looking for a woman that tries to put Jehovah first in her life

    I try to keep Jehovah and forever in perspective when thinking about what could be possible. I'm working on building the strongest relationship possible with Jehovah before his great and fear inspiring day, and hope that I can be productive in helping people build a relationship with Him also!

    Amazing how he hasn't forgotten Almighty Jah while voluntarily serving this country.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    He probably figured he would join the military, get DF'ed, retire, get reinstated and go to college on the government's dime.
  • prologos
    Nothing wrong with the age difference if it is acceptable to you, but why would you accept being second in his heart mind to anybody, even a no body, god does not have a body, he must be nobody right? get your priorities and his right.
  • zeb

    "woman ".. ?

    I would hope.... lady.

  • smiddy

    In the most unlikely event you did hook up with him ,my advice to you would be :

    Keep your legs crossed and see how long HE puts Jehovah first in HIS life.

    Just saying ,


  • stillin

    If he were for real, I would think that he would take the consequences of his "error" of joining the armed forces and do whatever it takes to get his "clean standing before Jehovah," now.

    i think he is playing both ends. He likely has family that he misses. Can't blame him for that, but I don't think he's being honest with himself or you.

  • coalize

    Seriously? It exists?

  • Socrateswannabe

    Shirley, your OP asked if there was new light about joining the military, and the answer is no. Joining a "non-neutral" organization is still considered to be an automatic disassociation, not disfellowshipping as he states. He needs to remove the word "likely" when he states that he likely won't be reinstated until he retires from the military. He definitely won't be reinstated until that point.

    Funny how discussions can take such unintended turns. I think you posted this simply to have this question answered, and in return you got a lot of advice on your love life! Oh well, who can't use a bit of that?

  • sir82

    He probably figured he would join the military, get DF'ed, retire, get reinstated and go to college on the government's dime.

    It sounds funny, but I wonder if there is a grain of truth to that.

    As the "urgency" of Armageddon continues to fade, and people begin realizing that it just ain't gonna come (despite the blusterings of the GB), perhaps more and more will take a similar route - do something "bad" that is financially advantageous, then once done, try to get reinstated into the social club that most JW congregations have devolved into.

  • alcyone

    i think he wants to be part of the UN forces when they "attack false religion". Then he will drop from the army before Gog attacks WTS.

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