Which Real Estate Co is selling Bethel Bldgs in NY?

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  • clarity
  • clarity

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.

    Brooklyn Real Estate Office

    25 Columbia Heights

    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    (718) 560-5001 Phone

    (718) 560-5002 Fax

    [email protected]

  • clarity

    A new history in the making...

    Watchtower is pleased to present prime real estate offerings in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO, featuring expansive views of Manhattan and of New York City’s iconic bridges.



    Which Real Estate Co is selling Bethel Bldgs in NY?

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    The sales team at the Watchtower Brooklyn Real Estate office is located at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn, New York.

    We invite qualified buyers to visit the individual property websites, sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, and learn more about the properties.



    .....................WatchTards........................Exceptionally Wealthy WatchTards!

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  • JeffT

    As I've said before, this looks like a pretty professional setup. If it was being handled by an outside brokerage firm, I believe that firm would have to disclose its involvement. (I'm not familiar with NY real estate law, that would be true in most, if not all, parts of the US). Since such a firm is not disclosed, the must be handling it in house. Given the professional look, I'm guessing they found some JW with commercial real estate experience and put him in charge.

    Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements are standard practice in transactions like this.

  • clarity

    Watchtower baits prospective buyers by talking about Future development, continued opportunities and continued demand for these properties!

    Really! I thought there was NO future in this "old world". No continued demand "this whole world is going out of business", don't waste your time on this "old system" The "money/gold will be thrown in the streets!" Armageddon is just around the corner .....work as slaves for us.... Send in all your riches to us .....we do not have enough money coming in!!!! Not enough money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIARS LIARS LIARS!


    Watchtower is pleased to offer 85 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York, a more than 135,000 Sq. Ft. prime full city block in the thriving waterfront neighborhood of DUMBO. As one of Brooklyn's largest undeveloped properties, 85 Jay Street is an as-of-right, mixed-use site making up an entire city block, with nearly 1,000,000 Sq. Ft. of buildable rights and over 1,500 linear feet of street frontage on Jay, Front, Bridge, and York streets. Future development of 85 Jay Street will benefit from the ongoing reinvestment in DUMBO, as evidenced by new luxury residential towers and conversions of former industrial factories within the neighborhood and the adjacent historic district. Continued demand for upscale residential, office, retail, and community facility space positions the property as a unique opportunity, with the ability to unlock additional development potential and enhance an already vibrant community .


  • galaxie
    The sales pitch for these wtbts properties must rank as the hight of hypocrisy for these charlatans.... it flies directly in the face of their belief and teachings that this worldly system is doomed and that salvation and individual hope for the future rests NOT with property investment but worship faith and trust in their figurehead directed Interpretation of ancient myth and skewed reasoning of parables.... let the reader discern !!
  • clarity
    Jehovah's Witnesses aka JW.ORG not only deceive it's own people...it dares to deceive the worlds richest clients ......talk about speaking with a Forked Tongue!!!!!!!!!!
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Raised in the 1950's, surrounded by Jdubs saying The Big "A" was right around the corner... Ummm, just thinking...most of those, if not all, had their own home, mortaged or paid off, the husband 'Elder' working full time, the wife pioneering or considered a 'good' publisher. All the Elders and MS had cars and most wives had their own car too. Most of the congo went on vacations, wore new clothes, kept up with fashions. (This was Los Angeles. No one dressed dowdy). Young marrieds in the 1950's were buying homes. Some who had more money, had rental properties and investment properties, stocks and bonds. On the one hand, saying 'The End Is Near' on the other, putting aside money to fly to New York in 1953 to the Yankee Stadium big assembly, 1955 being special JW delegates to assemblys in Europe, and in 1958, almost everyone from my congo in LA, flew, drove or took the train to New York City to attend the Yankee Stadium/Polo Grounds convention.

    In my congo there were lots of dancing parties, even masquerade, people in the circuit/district going to Pasadina Winter Gardens for ice skating and on to Van de Kamp's restaurant for hot chocolate afterwards, and also to the Culver City Ice Skating Rink which was every other Monday night, then go out to Shaky's Pizza Parlor afterwards for pizza, roller skating at the Roller Rama, beach parties galore, picnics at parks with baseball, lots of camping, lots of rock hounding, group horse back riding, volley ball games, tennis, lots of swimming at the beach, JW's private pools, floating on inner tubes down rivers, group outings to the LA Museum of Natural History and Museum of Art, etc, group outings to Griffith Park, Pacific Ocean Park (P.O.P.) in Santa Monica, group day trips to the San Diego Zoo also Los Angeles Zoo, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm.

    The point being related to the OP is the older JW's were saying one thing, but like the WT organization itself, doing another.

    Bro Knorr, Franz and others, would fly into LAX (Los Angeles Airport) be picked up by a member of the richest JW family in the LA district in one of the familys car, always a new Cadillac, driven to their home in an up scale area (the singer Pat Boone lived around the corner) and being fully entertained... for free. This brother owned 3 grocery stores with his name on them. They even had their own brand name ice cream for a while.

    There has ALWAYS been a do 'what we say, not what we do' JW policy in place. Schroeder, the GB member that I am sure, spewed forth words with the rest about the stupid 'higher education is bad' speech, his son Ben, went to University and is now a lawyer living with his lawyer wife in an expensive place in Florida. ??? The son went ahead and did what he wanted, to get the results he wanted for his life. Was he told by his GB member father, don't plan for your future becase 'The Big A' is right around the corner???

    It makes me sick to think I was a true Believer and how I let it screw up my life so much.

    Get out of her people, before they destroy your life... to enrich theirs.

    Hugs to all of us XJdubs. We have been through a lot.

    Love from LoisLane

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