Promoting Hate & Shunning of their own people, how does Watchtower do it?

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  • clarity

    Short clip from PBS presentation The Brain.

    Fascinating studies of the brain & its function. Watch as people become mind controlled to hate & kill their own people ....people they loved. Propaganda from Watchtower literature, convention battering accomplishes the same thing as seen on this clip. They have learned to hate.

  • Simon
    They split it into hating people who are "not them" and then convincing people that certain ones are no longer part of the group.
  • tim3l0rd
    I posted this video to Facebook. Not a single JW liked it.
  • Oubliette
    David Eagleman is an interesting guy. I recently read his book Incognito. He has some unusual ideas about personal identity, freewill and what we should do with criminals that cannot be rehabilitated.
  • clarity

    Simon thanks ...absolutely true. Taken to the extreme this vid shows the horrendous result.

    From there it broadens out a ripple in a lake. Dr. Eagleman shows how this behaviour affects the rest of humankind, ie by changing brain function. We need other people's acceptance & presence to function normally.

    Tim ....I am not surprised that they didn't like it, they must have recognized themselves as complicit in this sort of behavior! :-)


  • clarity

    Thanks Oub that does sound interesting.

    Lately for me, it seems the time has come at last when we clearly are seeing the whole picture of what is happening. How the past careless, damaging behavior is affecting humankind now. Jehovah's witnesses blame Satan for it all ....when in fact it is them & cults & political organizations & individuals just like them ....who are adding & creating the craziness!

    It makes me hope that the group on JWN here, who were organizing a global walk-out ...with a set day, would surface & lets all go for it!


  • ToesUp
    If you have ever met a narcissist and dealt closely with them you will see that the narcissist will NEVER look and see if he/she is the problem. It is always the other person's fault, never theres. The JW cult is run by narcissists. Just listen to Anthony Morris III speak. Watch and listen to most of the CO's. Read the Return to Jehovah brochure. The brochure doesn't take into consideration that people are exiting because of the leadership and their abusive behavior has taken it's toll on some many.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I posted this video to Facebook. Not a single JW liked it.

    That comment was enough to make me watch it.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Various avenues are used by the Borg to induce fear into members, or just plain in general who see it.

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