Devout JW has the blue icon on their FACEBOOK page.

by PaintedToeNail 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • pbrow

    Awesome... If this person is of the conscious class, when they are found out they could just say its a huge mistake and post the following correction....

    "Sorry for the confusion, I posted on accident. is a hoooorrrrrrrrrrible (insert Lett's facial expressions here) site that is seemingly well designed and made to look very informative about the Watchtower being a card carrying member of the UN for 10 years, allowing fellow witnesses of Jehovah to die because of not allowing organ transplants and even that the loving elders tried to hide thousands of pedophiles from the brothers and sisters!! Can you believe this?? You couldnt make this stuff up! PURE POPPYCOCK!!!!

    As you are all aware the real site is jwdotorg, not again NOT!! "


  • slimboyfat
    That's so cruel not to tell him.
  • Joliette
    There gonna click on that and have a heart attack! LOL.
  • steve2

    There gonna click on that and have a heart attack! LOL.

    ...or most likely not ever click on it.

    This apparent "mistake" underscores the huge indifference shown by JWs in even taking the time to examine their own beliefs.

    It's thereas a mere logo that gives their fb a nice look - but it ain't used by anybody!

    In jw organization, appearance is everything.

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