Finding our true identity after spiritual abuse in the Watchtower

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  • Xanthippe

    Oh FAD I was with you until you started talking about God. I can't accept that he sent his son to be tortured to death for me. I don't want it, I didn't ask for it.

    The Romans tortured so many people to death, theirs was a reign of terror. They used torture deaths as a public spectacle to frighten onlookers and keep them in line. To equate that with love is an abomination.

    I understand that ex-cultists need to build self esteem and self love but this is not the way.

  • lriddle80

    I read the flood story again recently. What I got from the story is this:

    God is capable of destroying the world. One man found favor with him. That man was obedient to his God and made the ark for anyone who wanted to be saved. Noah's family was saved, but they didn't necessarily find favor with God, only Noah.

    It's the same today.

    People thought the ark was ridiculous. People think believing in Jesus is ridiculous.

    But I see that, like Noah's family, they got in because of Noah. Anyone can get in because of Jesus. We don't have to be good enough or do enough. Jesus was enough.

    I read the flood story and the crushing of Jesus and it fills me with hope!

    I have dealt with narcissism, as we all have, and when we start putting God in the same category as people, that's when it gets clouded. People who think they are God do a lot of harm because they distort his image.

    But God has the right to be God and he is totally just and has total mercy and the more I read about him, see his dealings in my life and compare his love to how humans love, there is no comparison.

    With people, it's all about performance, pleasing them, proving yourself over and over... it's so exhausting!! Also, people are so "what have you done for me lately" forgetting all of what you've done and will abandon you at the drop of a hat! People are the absolute worst compared to God!!

    And, as far as natural disasters. Jesus talked about a terrorist attack and a time when a building fell on a bunch of people. His response in Like 13 was that these things didn't happen to them because they were more sinful than others, but he said that if people didn't repent, that they would likewise perish.

    So, in conclusion, God is God and he is good (which means a perfect balance of Justice and mercy) People are the ones who need to repent.

    It's not a popular message.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    You can repent if you like Irridle but I am not a son of Adam and Eve and so not having original sin I don't need to.

    Life's great without original sin!

  • lriddle80

    I'm not a son of Adam anymore either! I've been born again ;)

  • Phizzy

    Finding the real "you" is something we all need to do when leaving an Abusive, Authoritarian, Mind Control Group like the JW Org.

    After all, for however many years you were in, they were busy erasing, suppressing, and abusing, the Real You.

    I have become the Real Me, ( I was born in, so never had a chance to develop my real personality).

    It was a longish journey, about one year for every decade I was in. Now I am happy in my own skin, I am pleased with the kind of person I have become, a Rational, Humanist, Socialist. ( In the real meaning of the last word in that sentence.)

    I can appreciate all beautiful things wherever I come across them, with no hang ups, in Art, Poetry and Literature, as well as Beautiful Nature. I no longer fear the future, as an optimist I think the Human Species will surmount all the problems facing it. In life, I do the most good I possibly can, and the least harm.

    I am truly Spiritual, without Belief or Religion of any (irrational) kind.

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