The Red Headed League

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  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    I never did write any letters even when the CO would visit and encourage that. Total waste of time but hey everything else was also a waste of time.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I had a cousin mention to me that someone wrote to her. She thought it was nice. They did the same thing last year she said. Then I informed her of how they keep time and that's why someone wrote to her. She responded, "It figures". She wasn't so impressed any longer. Snap!

  • Alive!

    One particular "special" drive to get us all auxiliary pioneering turned out to be a month of rain, lots of it.

    So, I had my first taste of meeting at the KH and writing letters to "not at homes".

    We brought our own paper, envelopes and stamps....and copied letters one after the other.

    I looked around at the morning group, as we did our best handwriting, and I just KNEW this was wrong on so many levels. We were fleshing out our time, that's what it was all about. And it wasn't even about fellowship, as everyone quietly got on with their work and my occasional comments (which I thought were funny!!) were met in smiling silence, but not encouraged any further for chat.

    So, the next time we all sat down, the Presiding Overseer was joining us. At the table, I asked if anyone had thought of word processing the letters, printing them out...and then we could just hand sign, with a brief sentence or two, to add the personal touch which seemed to be the argument as for why we were handwriting.

    Clearly, it was not appreciated that a friendly good suggestion was put out there.....

    This was yet another time where I felt the dark thud in my heart -because from the JW perspective, there are people out "there" who are going to DIE - where was our true urgency? In that room, I felt a certain chilled callousness about our work, sending tracts containing worrying illustrations and things, with no thought for the mental health of those who might receive them, or how their personal circumstances were when they opened the envelope.

    And I DID feel that the personal handwritten touch was indeed creepy, and not something that a non-believer would feel very comfortable with.

    Seemed to me, a word processed letter hand signed by a sister or brother was a nicer way - but no.

    Oh no, no, no. It was all about getting in the hours. Madness, dont you think.

  • Finkelstein

    Wouldn't be something if one these home owners returned the letter stating that they are aware of the lying, dishonest, corrupt religious cult that is the JWS which operates from the instructions by a self serving corrupt religious publishing house. ! .........from that realization we have confirmed we have " The Truth "

  • carla

    "She has a long list of names and addressees "- does she put her return address on the envelope? I think we got one of those once and it annoyed me no end that they merely supplied the time of the kh meeting.

    I would have done exactly what Finkel suggested in his post.

    Why should jw's have our addresses and often names when we can't have theirs? I had one at the door once and they refused to give their last name. Why? because it wasn't the 'policy' and they were afraid some nut job might look them up and come find them. That was the short of it anyway. So, here these nut jobs are knocking on my door but I can't go and knock on theirs with a message of my choosing? jw's always ask what they are not willing to do themselves in my experience.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I think they get all the names to match to addresses off the internet, in public domain. I think there are a fair number of letters returned with the incorrect name or address. The letter writer puts his or her name, first and last, on the return address, but the address is a PO Box for the KH.

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