Has anyone ever been to an assembly with NO baptisms

by Nikki collins 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • smiddy3

    Yes ,and as has been previously stated they still gave the baptismal talk with no candidates present.?

    And hopefully in the future we will witness a lot more of the same as the news spreads that the JW religion is just another American cult religion via the internet .

  • dozy

    Yes -a few times. The speaker usually goes through the motions of the talk and towards the end makes some comment about "how we should live up to our dedication" and notes that on this occasion there aren't any baptisms but there were xxx thousand last year worldwide.

    It always felt a bit weird and pointless but the baptism talk is usually the last talk before lunch at the end of a long morning session so most people don't really pay much attention to it anyway as it tends to be the same talk every time - it always was a good talk to have a good snooze through.

    One of the elders in my old congregation had the talk one year & I remember talking to him a month or so before the assembly and he was really worried that there weren't any candidates ( the speaker usually phones the secretaries in the congregations in the circuit to get an idea of numbers a few weeks before the assembly ). He was delighted that at the last minute a really nutty woman decided to get baptised and she was rushed through the questions. She was a total fruitcake who shouted "YES" very loudly at the 2 questions but saved the brothers talk from being a bit of a farce. From what I heard , she stopped attending a few months afterward ( after the love bombing wore off. )

    As I have said before - it would make sense for the Society just to have one baptism a year ( at the main convention ) otherwise this will just happen more & more often as less & less people get baptised.

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  • jp1692

    Yes. It was a Circuit Assembly about a dozen years ago in Oxnard, California.

    The speaker, Bill Varble, said it was really awkward—especially the part when he asked the “baptism questions.”

    I gave the talk a year later and was glad (at the time) that there’s were at least a few that got baptized. Now, of course, I regret ever being part of the cult and it’s indoctrinating practices.

  • truthlover123

    Yes three that I can remember - talk still given, very strange

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