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  • charonsdog

    I just got my first peek at JWTalk via a link posted elsewhere. I have been hearing about this forum for a while now, but never checked it out. My question is this: Is this site sanctioned by the WBTS/GB/FDS/YHWH? Seriously? Even with the vetting and the moderating that happens, I cannot believe that the organization would willingly allow this to go on. They are all about control (The Watchtower tells you all you need to know about living by blah blah blah...). Maybe I'm wrong. If so, this group is completely unrecognizable to me after being gone for five years. But then, it was a lot different from when I started, too.

  • john.prestor

    No, the site isn't sanctioned by the Governing Body. But the moderators keep a pretty tight leash on the members, banning those who express unorthodox opinions.

  • carla

    I thought there was an older wt that talked about not making your own websites, forums etc... about the jw's? only official site is needed blah, blah..... Why doesn't the wt crack down on jw talk?

  • pale.emperor

    It's VERY controlled. Every post you make has to be vetted by a mod before it's posted. AND the mods take the liberty of rewording your posts and even the title.

    Very frustrating.

    Unless you wish to post your gushing worship of the Governing Body or demonize ex-members the forum is not worth it.

    And, no, the Watchtower society would never sanction that site. The people who run it are clearly wannabe elders. They even talk to you like an elder when they PM you. One of them even posted claiming that they disagreed with another poster so asked "can someone adjust my thinking here?..." - literally asking to be told what to think by another JW.

  • Giordano

    If I recall the history of this forum I believe it started as a semi pro JW place.

    Offering this forum as a place where your thoughts and opinions were important it soon attracted those who were out and their reasons why.....the rest is history.

    The average ex JW on this forum is far better informed then the most dedicated JW simply because everything the Society believed in, how they conducted their business and every scandal......... is thank god....on line.

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