Garden of Eden

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  • prologos

    The mythical tree of life was among all the fruit good to eat, or good tea leafs. there was only one forbidden tree in the garden, If Adam & Eve must have been encouraged to eat from it, they must have been created mortal, and required to sustain themselves by a total diet from the garden, so,

    maybe what they thought to be swords, were really propellers, blowing a lot of hot air.

    we all got fooled by the talking snake story for a while.

  • David_Jay


    I love that quote.

    I know I shouldn't, but I often get angry at what some Gentiles do with my people's legends and religious stories. I mean, you don't see Jews claiming that George Washington literally chopped down a cherry tree and then claiming that Americans are stupid because the story turns out to be a legend.

    The George Washington legend teaches how honesty is valued by Americans, but if you get involved with saying it's all facts and then learn it isn't, what happens next? Should we take it out on George Washington, claiming he wasn't real since he is featured in a fictional tale? Should we hate cherry trees or people who eat cherries now because the story isn't literal? The reason for the legend and it's value gets lost.

    That's kinda what happens with our Scriptures. If they would have just asked us to begin with, we could have told people what to take literally and what not to. But no! Like one of Jehovah's Witnesses recently told me with a sneer: "What do Jews know about the Bible?" I was like, "What the f--?" Do these people hear themselves?

    Hey, it's okay if you don't believe in our God or the Bible or don't like religion. I'm cool with that. But don't get mad at us or our stories or our God concept because some idiot with a Watchtower told you stupid stuff. If someone tells you Star Wars is true, then you learn it's not, that's no reason to hate George Lucas.

    Go get your own legends, like the Mormons!

    P.S.: If you JWs are trying to claim the New Testament, forget it. It was written by a Jewish tax collector, a Jewish scribe, a Gentile convert to Judaism, two Jewish fishermen, the first Jewish bishop of Jerusalem, a Jewish cousin of Jesus, and the majority by a Pharisee.

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