Thirteen Counties Where Apostasy is a Capital Offense..

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  • EverApostate

    In Singapore all JW literatures are banned. There are a few JWs though, who secretly congregate in a home and conduct very low profile meetings , prepared to pretend as if that was just a get together, in case the authorities would conduct an inspection anytime.

    In that meeting after the rutuals, they then decide where the next meeting would be, in a different place.

    If a JW wants to witness to an unknown person, they would build a very trusted relationship first before they preach, fearing they might report to the authorities. So much of Protection from Jehovah and his angels to do the most important work in this universe.

  • Vidiot
    Tameria2001 - " I remember once when I was around 12, my mother told me that if we, referring to the JWs, were allowed to stone our kids, she would. What was my crime, you might be asking? Absolutely NOTHING. She just told me that out of the blue. She said the only reason JWs don't stone their kids is 'because of the law of the land doesn't permit it'. Yea, she was a real peach, and I mean that sarcastically."

    That's kinda scary.

    I'm sad to report that my Dad used to say something similar when he was pissed with me, but more along the lines of, "you're lucky, in Biblical times parents had to stone their kids to death for being disrespectful".

    I never actually thought he wanted to, but by the time I was around 15, I was tired of hearing it... in front of everybody else there (he'd said it in front of a group of relatives, so I felt turnabout was fair play), I picked up a sizable rock, took his hand, slapped it into his palm, and turned my back with my arms spread out, saying, "you remind me of that so much, you obviously want to do it, so get it over with."

    Obviously the bluff worked, but you should have seen the shocked (and later, ashamed) look on his face. I loved my Dad, but I will confess to no small amount of satisfaction at the moment...

    ...not to mention that he never brought up the subject again.

    Never underestimate the effect of successfully calling someone out on their bullshit.

  • smiddy3

    Correct me if I`m wrong but I don`t think I am.

    Fourteen countries that are under Islam/Muslim control that have the death penalty for proselytizing against Islam.

    So no Jehovah`s witnesses living in any of those countries can go door 2 door witnessing because they would come across Muslims and warrant the death penalty .

    So in those countries they only witness to known non Muslims such as Hindus , Buddhists ,and Sikhs , or Christians that live their.

    So the only witnessing they do in those lands are incidental witnessing and that only to non Muslims right ?

    So its a correct "truth" that HALF OF THE WORLD OF MANKIND HAS NEVER EVER BEEN WITNESSED TO IN OVER 100 YEARS of preaching by Jehovah`s Witnesses.

    So much for "This good News Will Be Preached In All The Inhabited earth" bullshit.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The Malaysian JW I knew reckoned you could always tell before entering a property whether or not a Muslim lived there. It sounded like the JWs in Malaysia go through the motions of carrying out a door-to-door campaign - but a very selective one!

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