This idiot just embarrasses me.

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  • joe134cd

    Yup a mentally diseased apostate.

  • Listener

    Some people don't agree with his methods but he sure has the Elders annoyed.

    Probably the best thing that he is achieving is making the Elders more conscious of their responsibilities when it comes to child abuse problems.

  • talesin

    If you want to have a laugh, this guy puts across the message of JW crazy by sharing some typical things we are criticized for .......

    Watch out for the Demonized Cakes ! ahahaha ..... have a laugh. I don't watch a lot of exJW stuff, but wanted to share this one. Enjoy!

    EDIT: I had to post a different video - same guy, but the 'cover page' was, imo, offensive. I didn't realize, sorry for the original --- video was very funny (demonized cakes,,, ahahaha_, but check this guy's channel, he has a lot of humour.

    As for the Angry guy at the convention - who knows? He may have the rage for a very good reason - at the very least, it may be his catharsis. xx

  • Mephis
    Has anyone here been 'woken up' by direct activism like that guy does? I know that sort of thing didn't have any part to play in me coming out, if anything it just cemented in a stereotype of apostates even many years after I'd left. But I wonder if there are those who it does work for?
  • Village Idiot
  • Hadriel

    Obviously this guy is a nut job, clearly off his meds.

    That said you're not supposed to put your hands on these guys. Curious to me how once out of main view they took him down to the ground. You're not supposed to do that.

    That all said this sort of approach is utterly worthless.

    Particularly when the section you choose is the DEAF section LOL

  • fukitol

    I loved it! Most people will disagree, but frankly I commend his outrageous 'in your face' courage. Sometimes people need something shocking like this to get them thinking and snap them out of their brainwashed slumber. Everything he said was perfectly true, he's not a nutjob at all. I don't think this was counter-productive at all, rather he would have sewn many seeds of doubt, especially mentioning the BBC doco. And with so many little children hurt and abused, damaged, by the Watchtowers wicked child abuse policy, more of this kind of in your face, shocking public shaming is needed.

  • jhine

    I'm with Fukitol on this and I don't think that ( to borrow a phrase from me dear ol Mom ) this bloke is as green as he is cabbage looking .!

    His video has had 14,006 views . How many non JWs in that , wanting to laugh at " the nutter" but then realising that he is making some very serious accusations . Child abuse usually gets peoples attention .

    If just some look a little closer or ask awkward questions on doorsteps or tell their friends about it the message is getting out .

    There is an interview with Derek also posted which I haven't had time to look at yet , but perhaps some people will watch on the basis of his vocal gymnastics .

    He has grabbed people's attention and gained a platform to , hopefully , present a more serious explanation of why he soooo àngry with the WT .


  • freddo

    Think of all those sat there at that section of the convention. At least some will have watched the ARC. At least some will have experienced the dead hand of a poor child abuse handling. More will have a relative that they are shunning or they are being shunned by. Others know of bethelites being laid off.

    It will make those that are quietly thinking actually think. Most of those around him will be servants or elders.

    If I personally had been sat there, all quiet and bored I would have had to fight the impulse to get up, shake his hand then put my arm round his shoulder and say "Do you think we can find a better way to get through to these people?"

  • konceptual99

    I know people who are in some of the congregations he has targeted in Kent. I also know people who were at Excel when he gate crashed the convention last year.

    He has some very valid concerns and he and his family have been at the blunt end of typical elder stupidity. He is, however, viewed as a nuisance and basically ticks every box for the stereotypical "mentally diseased" apostate.

    I applaud the guy's courage and tenacity in keeping going. I would never argue that such direct action could never motivate anyone to investigate Jehovah's Witnesses more deeply. On the other hand he has built such a reputation for being a PITA in the Kent area that his message is being drowned out by the overwhelming story that his is a bitter and twisted nutter.

    I think Freddo has hit the nail on the head. Perhaps now is the time for this guy's story to be presented in a different way that can counteract the extremely negative view of him that has been developed over the past couple of years.

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