Did Anyone Have Fun With Their Field Service Reports?

by NotFormer 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gorb

    I turned the last report in 2008 in with the text "This is my last report". No reaction at al!


  • MeanMrMustard

    I often wondered what would happen if you started turning in reports for other people. You know, just make stuff up. Like turn in a real detailed report for one of the elders, but do it before the end of the month so that the secretary would get the fake report first. Then when the real one came in, it would look sparse and pitiful compared to the real detailed one.

    Or report "eleventy seven" for someone not even in the congregation.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i know some jw mothers who filled in a report for their kids who had no interest or involvement at all. Nisan kids--just turned up once a year.

  • Ding

    Now, we all know that JWs eagerly desire to serve Jehovah by going door to door their whole lives.

    That's one of the key things that distinguishes them from the do nothings of Christendom.

    At least that's what my study conductor told me.

    I actually believed him.

  • NotFormer

    Would someone have words with you if you turned in a report with something written down the bottom like "I'm claiming 123 XYZ Street for after Armageddon"?

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