God is Real in Principle

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  • OrphanCrow
    Oh, and the scientific method itself uses a belief system. Now I'm not saying it is a belief system but it applies a belief system which is about how certain people see the world, which again is different for everyone.


    What is your knowledge of the scientific method? Do you understand what it entails?

    Do you understand the concepts of validity and reliability as they apply to the scientific method?

    Have you ever thought that rationality itself is actually a belief?


  • looter

    "No it isn't. It is a commitment to be led by evidence." That means you're faithful of the evidence. Faith and belief are almost the same thing if not the same thing. Even the evidence that can be verified by anyone can be mistaken. But honestly, that's not the case most of the time but it's always possible. And people have believed incredible things forever without evidence but eventually it turned out to be true. You never know, you could say that now, but there could be refutable evidence that a God does exist some day. But I see that you are not too competent on possibility which is understandable, cofty.

    "If they want to claim their belief is rational then let's hear the evidence." Christians believe in God based on the testimony and evidence supplied to them by those who were in a position to receive the evidence when it was available, even though we are not able to verify that evidence empirically today because it is no longer available to us. Whether it's true or not is up to the person to decide. It's just like future scientists should believe in the cosmology described by today’s scientists based on the evidence they acquired when such evidence was available, even though future scientists will not be able to verify that same evidence empirically in their own day.

  • looter
    Some knowledge of the scientific method as I've been to school, OrphanCrow. I understand what it means but I'm saying that it was created by someone based on the way they saw life which is the application of belief. Another person can basically hypothesize the exact same concept but it can be immensely different because they might see some things another way.
  • OrphanCrow

    my brain trying to follow your reasoning:

  • OrphanCrow
    Some knowledge of the scientific method as I've been to school, OrphanCrow. I understand what it means but I'm saying that it was created by someone based on the way they saw life which is the application of belief.

    I would like to suggest that you brush up a bit on that then because it is obvious from your responses that you do not understand the principles that underpin the scientific method. Or the concept of belief.

    It may be helpful at some time to take an introductory course in scientific methodology if you ever get the opportunity.

    Good luck. Keep searching but, please...keep an open mind and use it to its best ability. Rationality and irrationality are both important in life in order to fully experience being human. It is helpful, though, to understand the difference.

  • looter

    OrphanCrow, the scientific method's process was created by someone's unique technique which was based on him and the way he saw things. That way works for most people but not for everyone.

  • KateWild
    In all the years I've been using Internet forums I've never come across anyone quite like you. - Landy

    Lol hahaha, is that an insult or a compliment that I am unique, odd or strange? But I am glad I am different enough for you to feel stimulated to respond. I am not seeking your attention but here it is anyway. Lol I like you Landy you make me smile.

  • OrphanCrow
    looter: ...That was said because you don't seem to understand beliefs can be both rational and irrational. It's really at the foundation where someone's head is. Not sure if you refuse this observation or just don't believe in it.

    I wasn't going to post anymore on this thread because whatever I say seems to be redundant...however....

    Looter, you are absolutely right that I don't understand things the same as you. I do not understand rationality/irrationality as being beliefs like you do.

    Belief is a concept that is separate but still related to rationality/irrationality. The process of believing is based upon those two concepts of rationality/irrationality...but belief itself is not the same thing.

    You can have a belief that is based upon rational thinking but that does not make the act of choosing belief a rational one. Choosing belief is an irrational act - our brain would like to deceive itself into thinking that the belief itself is rational - because it is based upon a logical, rational workup to that place of decision (whether to believe or not), but that final leap of faith - that choice to believe - is in and of itself, an irrational act.

    Belief is not necessary when proof is available. Therefore, belief is always about what cannot be proven. Ergo...the need for the irrational mind to justify the acceptance of what cannot be proven. And the brain uses the rational part of itself to do just that.

  • Finkelstein

    Organized religions such as the Jehovah's Witnesses intentionally repress intellect growth and acquired knowledge for the purpose to restrain rational thinking, influencing people to have a immature intellectual base so they can keep people believing " In Their Information ", rather exploiting people's emotional thinking processes.

    There is a God(s) because men want and desire power unto themselves.

  • Viviane
    The true essence of who we are is our unique ability to be sensible and solve problems. Two people who have carbon copy beliefs can see things in a completely different way. But, if their beliefs lead to virtue, goodness, and peace then I find that astonishing since we as human beings have struggled with this since beginning times. I'm just putting in to context how that specific ability of ours is like a God in that it can help us to become the best person we can

    There are animals that use tools and solve problems. Animals certainly can be sensible. So far you've not told me what the essence of who we are is. What if a person can't solve problems and is insensible? Do they have no essence? Your comments on beliefs and essence have nothing tying them together.

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