20 Years Occupying Afghanistan, Nothing Achieved

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  • oppostate

    Well, one thing was certainly achieved, thogh, the war equipment manufacturers did get barrel$ of billion$ out of the war.

  • Rivergang

    For an insight into why Afghanistan has been described as "The Graveyard of Empires", this link is an informative one


  • mickbobcat

    Islam is not about making human gains its about keeping its followers in the stone age. You can not change that Islam is a radical hate filled destructive cult. I don't believe in the fake news that many Muslims are peaceful. If any of them get the chance they would stab you in the back. There is no way to get the harts and minds of these nut job camel jockeys. All they understand is death and destruction. To try to do anything different is a waste of time. We should have just done bombing and drone kills and never put boots on the ground but to kill that idiot Bin Ladin and his top followers. Kill them and their family and make the others cower thinking a drone is about to drop one on them. Even the USSR had a time with them and they know how to fight a war. They are not worried about trannys in the military.

  • truth_b_known

    Because all the do gooders in the world whether they’re doing good for others or doing it for themselves are troublemakers. On the basis of ‘kindly let me help you or you’ll drown’, said the Monkey putting the fish safely up a tree. We white anglo saxon protestants; British, German, American. We have been on a rampage for the past hundred or more years to improve the world. We have given the benefits of our culture, our religion, our technology to everybody except perhaps the Australian aborigines. And we have insisted that they receive the benefits of our culture even our political styles our democracy you better be dead Democratic I will shoot you. And having conferred these blessings all over the place we wonder why everybody hates us. Because sometimes doing good to others and even doing go to oneself is amazingly destructive. Because it’s full of conceit. How do you know what’s good for other people? How do you know what’s good for you? If you say you want to improve. Then you want to know what’s good for you. But obviously you don’t because if you did you would be improved. So we don’t know. - Alan Watts

    I once asked a soldier, "If this is a 'War on Terror,' how does Terror surrender and what are the terms of surrender?" Just like we have a "War on Crime, War on Drugs, War on Poverty." How do these things sit at a table and negotiate a peaceful surrender or at least a cease fire?

    As a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel told me, "Either we fight them here or we fight them over there." Why are we fighting again? Because they hate us and our way of life? Bunch of guys from Middle Eastern countries hijack 4 commercial airliners. 2 are crashed intentionally into the Twin Towers killing thousands. 1 is flown into the Pentagon. The fourth was supposed to be flown into the White House. So the U.S. asks for a coalition of countries to invade Afghanistan and occupy it for 20 years to keep the hostile civilian citizens too busy fighting for their backyard to fly more planes into U.S. buildings?

    Who are these guys? Foreign military assets sent on a sanctioned mission by their respective government? No! They are everyday Joes from 3rd world nations who are okay with living under 5th Century rules and lifestyles. Sure, they want to spread that way of life globally, but they have a history centuries long of a lack of cooperation and infighting so bad that they can't accomplish anything in their home countries let alone around the world.

    The whole Arab Spring non-sense the U.S. got involved in a years back is a prime example of do gooders being troublemakers. I cannot believe the U.S. really thought Libya was going to establish some sort of "Democracy" when its leader was overthrown/killed. In the end it only made things worse for the U.S. and got their ambassador and other U.S. citizens killed.

  • waton

    The big mistake was not.- to invade that country, but to admit them and their way of life into our midst; ask the family of the recent 13 year old victim in Austria.

  • shadowclone

    Another case proving the need for God's Kingdom

  • pistolpete

    The big mistake was not.- to invade that country, but to admit them and their way of life into our midst; ask the family of the recent 13 year old victim in Austria.



    QUOTE FROM ARTICLE; In 1809 a diplomat named Mountstuart Elphinstone led Britain’s first fact-finding mission to Afghanistan. In a land filled with strife and riven by independent factions, he met an elderly tribal leader and tried to convince him of the benefits of a firm central government.

    The leader’s response?

    We are content with discord,

    we are content with alarms,

    we are content with blood,”

    the Afghan replied.

    But we will never be content with a master.”

  • minimus

    The unwinnable war

  • Rocketman123

    You have to keep in mind that the Taliban were strongly involved in Heroin cultivation and sales, then using that money to buy weapons and military items.

    So given that they will most likely restart doing that, they are going to build up again a military force to overthrow the in place Afghan military and take over the country.

    Allah willing of course.

  • Rivergang

    The following link makes comment (amongst other things) of just how even the terrain of Afghanistan works against an invader. Alexander the Great is said to have lost more soldiers just crossing Afghanistan from south to north than he ever lost in any battle that he fought.

    His Afghanistan campaign also saw the beginning of the physical and moral degradation of the young king.


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