Aid to Bible Understanding - can you help summarise any useful sections?

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  • slimboyfat

    My mistake, there is a short discussion under expelling.

  • slimboyfat

    However I checked and there is no entry for "judicial committee" and no mention of it under the entry "judicial decisions" which does not mention the so-called Bible arrangement at all.

  • sparky1

    "However I checked and there is no entry for 'judicial committee' ".............. slimboyfat

    That a very interesting observation. In comparing the Aid book to the Insight book on the entry of Expelling, the Insight book completely leaves out the following paragraph that was found in the Aid book:

    "Jesus gave full instructions to his followers as to the procedure on handling cases of sin in the congregation and indicated that it could result in one's being expelled, so that the individual would be to the congregation 'just as a man of the nations and a tax collector.' (Matt. 18-15-17) Tax collectors were much looked down upon; many were extortioners. A Jew who was a tax collector was considered a renegade, classed with sinners. (Mark 2:16) Of course, Jesus and his disciples were still under the Law, but in principle the same procedure continued to guide the Christian congregation. It might be remarked here that, by the 'congregation' , Jesus did not mean that the entire membership sat in judgment of the offender; the responsible ones in charge did this. His disciples were familiar with the fact that it was the elders or the 'court of justice' or the 'Supreme Court' that did the judging. - Matt. 5:22" - AID TO BIBLE UNDERSTANDING page 550 under the subheading Christian Congregation

  • 3rdgen

    We put our copies of the Aid and Insight books in the recycle bin so I can't cite the page number but under the subject, "Divorce" the Aid book states that while they are "perversions" bestiality and homosexual acts by one's mate are NOT "Scriptural" grounds for divorce. (I kid you not!)

    I know more than one sister who was stuck with being single until Watchtower policy changed.

  • sparky1

    Here you go 3rdgen:

    "Sexually immoral acts committed by a married person with someone of the same sex (homosexuality) are filthy and disgusting. Unrepentant persons of this type will not inherit Gods kingdom. And, of course, bestiality is Scripturally condemned. (Lev. 18:22, 23: Rom. 1:24-27 ; 1 Cor. 6:9,10) However, though these acts are grossly filthy, they do not constitute adultery, and are not named as Christian grounds for divorce." - AID TO BIBLE UNDERSTANDING page 460 under subheading ONLY GROUND FOR DIVORCE AMONG CHRISTIANS

    A clear cut instance of the Governing Body (tm) 'not being inspired and can make mistakes'. God intoxicated, religiously deluded , narcissistic charlatans playing with peoples lives by masquerading as spiritual and moral guides!

  • carla

    I no longer recall the page number in the Aid book but look up their definition of 'lie'. I don't think they changed their policy on that one and still utilize 'theocratic warfare' or whatever they call it. Basically the rest of us are not entitled to the truth if it doesn't suit their needs.

  • 3rdgen

    Thanks, Sparky. Wow! I forgot that they didn't say bestiality was perverted. Just that it's scripturally condemned. There are countless stories of Bethelites romancing each other as well as the animals on the farm. No wonder they had a hard time calling it adultery!

    To think so many of us made life and death decisions based on the whims of these idiots! (((((shudder))))))

  • berrygerry

    Baptism - Aid book - page 188

    Regarding the practice of infant baptism, The
    Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol . III, ed . of 1946, p . 84,
    states : "The whole early period knows baptism only
    for adults
    , who join themselves of their own resolve
    to the Christian community. Infant baptism appears
    sporadically towards the end of the second century and
    was indeed practised also during the following centuries,
    yet only as an exception ."

    Paragraph deleted in Insight Book.

  • berrygerry

    Pages 884, 885 Aid Book

    By combining the vowel signs of 'Adho •n ay' and
    'Elo • him' with the four consonants of the Tetragrammaton
    the pronunciations Yeho •wah' and Yeho
    wih' were formed . The first of these provided the basis
    for the Latinized form "Jehova (h) ." The first recorded
    use of this form dates from the thirteenth
    century C .E . Raymundus Martini, a Spanish monk of
    the Dominican Order, used it in his book Pugeo
    Fidei of the year 1270 .

    Deleted in Insight Book.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    l read this passage in my copy of the aid book where it said beastiality was not adultry cause you can't become one flesh with an animal A sister was DF for gettind married again after divorcing her spouce for having sex with the dog thanks to the aid book definition her divorce was considered not scriptual Soon after this the new light came out about pornea whitch led to married couples gettingDF and ieven divorced for having oral sex considered porneawithin the marriage note I said within the marriage ie a sister could now divorce an unbeliever NO DOG NEEDED i know sick joke in search of christian freedom by Ray Franz is my source material along with my personal experience I was 21 when the aid book was released in 69 I stayed alive 'till 75 and I'M STILL HERE only to be told TODAY by those who were not there I MUST HAVE DREAMPT IT

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