Sign of the times

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  • recovering

    Oh I have waited for this for many years. It used to really irritate me when I looked out my office window at Long Island College Hospital. Dang the witnesses presence in Brooklyn even out lasted a117 year old hospital.

  • smiddy3

    It`s only since I left the Borg and found site`s like this that I realized the JW`s were never witnesses for Jehovah they were always witnesses for the Watchtower .

    Hopefully it`s just another sign of the eventual end of this cult.

  • LV101

    Brooklyn's early Christmas miracle! St. Nick speed to Warkill - since it's the season of the spirit I can be delusional!

  • LV101

    Thanks, recovering, for the link. I've already played it for a couple of people - WOOHOO! This should be t-shirt graphic showing almost all the cult's letters removed and tumbling down. Never give up hope.

  • Finkelstein

    The end of the Watchtower Corporation is at hand.

  • sparrowdown

    Always wondered why they chose that garish red for the colour.


    The Watchtower is dead. Long live JWdotborg.

    Not really, but isn't that what you say when one monarch passes and a new one is crowned.

  • LV101

    What a waste of air space that ugly sign encompassed in the skyline.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    I used to walk under those letters during my night watchman duties while at Bethel. I used to look out at the night skyline of New York City and think to myself "Just look where you are Pete! "

    I also wondered all those years ago, why they didn't put the name JEHOVAH in lights since it was his name we were trying to vindicate / proclaim / spread throughout the world. Instead, they went with 15' letters spelling out the name of the magazine they were trying to sell.

  • LV101

    Pete - nothin' quite like ole memory lane! Hope you took some good pictures for your life's scrap book. Seems that sign jumped out when visiting NY! What a publishing racket they had for many decades.

  • waton
    spd: "Always wondered why they chose that garish red for the colour.

    Red of the same wattage can be seen the farthest through fog, smog.

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