Did doctrine matter to you? Does it matter to most dubs now?

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  • Gollum

    As a born and raised third generation, I'd have to say it was doctrine that did it for me, though somewhat indirectly.

    I always thought some of the doctrinal issues were silly, such as the plauges of Revelation being Assemblies in Cedar Point in the twenties that nobody cared about. However, I don't think this is at all unusual among faithful witnesses, including Elders, CO's and DO's. It's just never talked about.

    However, that didn't bother me. Every belief system has some weirdness that you have to live with. What got me was gaining an understanding of some of the orginal intent and methodology of who and how the bible was written. That and realizing that it was just another mythology system. I just couldn't fake it anymore.

    I always got along with most of the people.

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  • Sassy

    Doctrine was never real important to me because I was just stupid and followed blindly. My mother, has always been to me a very intelligent person and if she believed it, I grew up believing. I never was one able to take prophecy and come down to the dates of 1914 without a book right there to explain it. It just never made a lot of sense to me or was easy for me so I just figured whatever. If mom could explain it in detail, who was to argue with it. Plus the more recent publications have really been less into deep doctrine, so it was easy not to get so heavy into it.

    But it does matter to me now. At first when I left, I didn't think it mattered if it was right or wrong, but only that it was important that I could personally accept my decision to leave this life. However, as my mother and others try to tell me how important it is to be IN the organization, I find myself needing to take the time and dig in and learn so that I can give them better reasons for why not to be a JW than, I just didn't want to do it any more.

  • lurk

    Doctrine ...once i saw what a mess the history was and how it was glossed over i began to see the society as a human organzation full of men making mistakes but x

    the good thing about the men always being in charge is that its easy to understand why its all such a mess

  • Leolaia

    I suspect tho that those who did not leave for doctrinal reasons are more likely to retain "witness" beliefs despite no longer being in the "organization". Leolaia

  • Loris

    Doctrine mattered a great deal to me. Although like some have said I never believed in the goofy conventions as being a fulfillment of prophecy. As long as the basic core was something I could believe in the rest was ignored. When I found out about the UN I left because of the hypocracy. At that point I was then able to wipe the wool off my eyes and seriously examine the whole thing more objectively.

    I don't think doctrine matters too much to most dubs. They are in it for the socialization and the belonging to something bigger that themselves.


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