Last Sunday's WT Study re Anxiety

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Burdened with anxiety? Stress? Depression? Discouragement? Doubt?

    The cause is the invisible boogeyman Satan and YOUR imperfection!

    The solution is more Watchtower beatings until moral improves!

  • Skepsis

    I'd recommend to brothers suffering from anxiety and stress to take a free weekend in the beach, the countryside or visiting another city, far from any Kingdom Hall.

    I'm able to forecast instant improvement. Just keep doing it regularly and symptoms may dissapear.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I forgot to mention paragraph 17 wherein it is said.....

    "a congregation elder may be able to help you to put your anxiety into perspective".

    I think they mean that you may be carefully corrected and told to focus on the more important things such as ministry and meetings.

    In any case, an elder's role will be quite limited as the WT doesn't provide training in how to deal with anxiety. No mention is made od the possible need for professional help.

    I don't suffer from anxiety myself, but I couldn't honestly recommend approaching an elder. Notwithstanding his lack of training/knowledge, he is likely to be quite busy already and highly stressed and perhaps not even aware of it. On balance, elders are more likely to be a source of anxiety than a source of mitigating it.

  • Cherylanne725

    Before I left in March '96, I was so depressed and anxious I couldn't function. Elders were useless. Gave me the prayer, meeting, study, service spiel. They even assigned me to give a ride to a df'd sister who lived near me is they didn't have to deal with it.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus


    That you experienced what you did over 20 years ago is evidence that the GBoJW, the authors of the WT, and most BoE have learned nothing about anxiety despite publishing on the matter. This weeks WT study article focussed on the year text is an example of how anxiety can be elevated rather than assuaged.

    The most recent WT study depicted a widow with a barren refrigerator. Her countenance suggests mental tension / stress / anxiety. In the lower part of the art work, the widow is shown neatly attired, and depositing a coin into the contributions box at the kingdom hall. Her countenance suggests that she is happy / pleased. The relevant paragraph makes reference to the “needy widow” whom Jesus affirms. Thus, the authors of this magazine are drawing a parallel between the first century support of a divinely approved temple, and the modern day estate of the WTBTS. The needs of anyone who contributes to this modern day estate will be met by God claim the authors, as such individuals are putting the Kingdom first (another false and twisted parallel).

    However, I would assert that this part of the article may engender feelings of guilt, experiences of stress / inadequacy on the part of seniors of meagre means at not being able to contribute as they may otherwise wish to. I would even go as far as to assert that this part of the article is an actual example of the psychological abuse of seniors and in my mind, shows a rather callous and cold streak on the part of the WT authors. That they psychologically prey on seniors like this is shamefully reprehensible. As Meleti rightly says in his blog, the book of James holds the congregation responsible for providing for a “needy widow”. That the WTBTS absolves itself from James’ scriptural guidance on the matter is exemplary of how divergent they actually are from this and many other examples of scriptural precedents.

    However, all that having been said, the main point I wanted to put across is about the authors of this magazine in their article about anxiety recommending meeting attendance as one means of assuaging anxiety. The truth is to the contrary in that an elderly needy one attending the meeting at which this article was discussed may likely feel anxiety /guilt / stress. So the meetings may actually be a source of anxiety rather than a source of becalming such.

  • Vidiot
    tor1500 - "...the org creates the anxiety, then tells you how to deal with it..."

    Like Homer Simpson once said... "alcohol... the cause of - and solution to - all of life's problems..."

  • ToesUp

    I like that one Vidiot. lol

    Elders solution to any problem, more meetings, more service, more studying, more praying, etc. That's what's going to do it eh?

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