Christendomy pic

by neat blue dog 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Are you sure that's not Wolverine?

  • caves

    Look at all those angels with beards.Those golden thrones would hurt my arse.

    The dove is looking a bit anorexic.

    Ugg, just about a new jesus every time they draw him. This one is pretty buff. And one nipple is slightly higher than the other.

    I personally dont think it looks Christendomy. To me it looks like a wtbs jesus.

  • smiddy3

    I still can`t see any women up their in heaven ,oh that`s right their is no gender in heaven ,so why have they all got beards ,certainly that denotes male gender doesn`t it ?

    And if after Armageddon the heavenly host can have beards as the faithful men of old did under Theocratic Rule in the "Old Testament" ,why does the G.B. have such a problem with beards in the Congregations today ?

    Old Testament times beards were O.K. now ,present time not O.K. yet in heaven now and in the future beards are O.K. in heaven ?

  • stillin

    Not a single picture, yet, of Jesus with a book bag.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    ....after Jesus' baptism....Brother Jesus, Brother Holierthanyou and I need to talk to you about your qualifications since you continue to sport that beard....

  • Not_Culty
  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    That pretty much sums it up. The GB put themselves and their corporate logo above Jesus.

  • waton

    The other picture in that watch tower magazine shows the widow putting her penny in the vase. Jesus watching, and then praising her devotion, approving of the temple, but

    Jesus just with the same breath almost condemning the practises, predicting the institution to crumble.

    Does wt encourage contributing, even if it is for a failing cause, failing because of failed predictions, promises?

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