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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    It seems everybody is doing it, and giving green or red flags. And personally what a difference it makes to my " ego" when I get a green flag and feel my opinion is RESPECTED. My green flags totally convince me what I say is " brilliant." .So why stop at one green flag, I am now addicted to " green flags" and want more than one green flag to convince me my post is smart and balanced and I am a great guy.

    There is no limit to the amount of green flags a poster can receive, and if you are not already convinced just send a post " The W.T is a skunk of an organisation" and I guarantee you a few green flags.

    But there are rules to the competition and sometimes we can receive " Red flags" as there is also no limit to the amount of red flags we can receive, and don't take my word for it, find out for yourself by posting " I love being a J.W and the Governing body"

    Anyway slowly getting to my point, I must confess to liking receieving my green flags and questioning why I receive a red flag. But more to the point as so many posts have " green" or "red" flags attached to the comment, I have concluded as everybody seems to be doing it, I should also therefore:-

    A) What is YOUR criteria for giving a " green" or "red" flag?

    Your answers I promise will :-

    A) Help me abide by the rules

    B) And if in my opinion they are good answers I promise I will give you a " green" flag.

    C) If you give this O.P a red flag I hope you understand these missing letters f--k, o--.

    The Rebel.

  • slimboyfat
    What's red and green flags?
  • LoveUniHateExams

    A) What is YOUR criteria for giving a " green" or "red" flag?

    For giving a green flag, it can be just that I like the post. In an in-depth debate on a serious topic, I give a green flag if I feel the post is intellectually honest, makes a clear point, adds to debate, contains a reference that properly supports the point, etc. E.g. if a post answering my post has the above criteria I try to give it a green flag.

    For giving a red flag, it has to be more than me simply disliking the post. The post would have to show intellectual dishonesty, ad hominem, straw man, deliberately misinterpreting or ignoring evidence, deliberately ignoring valid points, drawing false moral equivalence and failing to acknowledge that, etc.

  • DJS

    The Rebel,

    We all like being "Liked," Sally. But my mission is to teach - being a dad and a college professor are two of my most fulfilling and rewarding roles. That is why I am here, as I believe the only gift I have to share on this site is to teach my former ex-dubs to think and act more rationally and analytically. My style is to hopefully make you smile or laugh, make you think and sometimes make you uncomfortable (because without that a lot of people never move from ground zero). No pain. No gain.

    It's fairly clear that the only thing that has changed with my posting style since Simon created the "Like" and "Dislike" buttons is that I put more attention to details and walk maybe just a tad bit farther away from the Line. But not much.

    Sometimes I'm trying to get "Dislikes," but you should already know that. As long as I make people think, maybe make them smile - hopefully both at the same time - mission accomplished.

  • cofty

    The surest way to get lots of "likes" is to post something along the lines of....

    "everybody is entitled to their own opinion and we should all respect what others believe and be nice and respectful because none of us really know anything for certain it's all just our own opinions".

    Bollocks to that.


    What is YOUR criteria for giving a " green" or "red" flag?

    Green Flag....I like your post..

    Red Flag.....I disagree with your post..

    No Flag.....I`m not interested in the subject...And/Or..

    Your so obnoxious you don`t deserve to be recognized..

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Thumb-ups for being a person who takes the time to write a post and share thoughts on my fave forum. Thumb-down only if the person's remarks indicate that they are being a butthole.


  • Simon

    The votes are meant to be separate to the posting rules - if something is violating the rules then it should be flagged and can be removed. The likes and dislike votes are intended to give you a way to voice some agreement or disagreement with the post (not the poster - please don't misuse it, I know some do!).

    Sometimes you don't have anything to say or add so it lets you "say something" without a post. Sometimes it helps give the community a way of saying they disapprove of something without everyone having to post why - maybe letting people know "we think you're being a dick" or alternatively a way to show some support or thank a well-written thoughful post.

    Eventually the likes and dislikes will help to promote the best content or flag things as controversial, feed into reputations to allow extra actions and permissions and so on. The idea is for the community to promote good content and the posters that produce it and hide bad content. For instance, you could have posts that have a certain number of negative posts automatically collapsed if you want.

    There will be safeguards and people who over-vote will have their effect diluted. Likewise, if you have a penchant for "revenge voting" by going through someone's posting history to dislike every post (yes, I can tell when this is done) then you may find your votes don't actually tally even though you think they do - they'll evaporate.

    Here's some questions: would you be interested in having the ability to let your votes be seen? "Bert, Ernie and 10 others like this". How about # of votes given and received on people's profile (are you a negative nelly or mr positivity?) as well as the highest combinations (to show if certain people are always liking / disliking the same posters).

  • cofty
    would you be interested in having the ability to let your votes be seen?

    Yes please. It might curtail the other issues you identified.

    as well as the highest combinations

    That would be amusing!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Being able to Thumbs Up to show agreement when I'm not planning to add anything makes it more fun to be here.

    However the commenting is arranged will be fine to me.



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