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  • Garrett

    My friend,

    If only I could count how many times I've been told that it's a holy organization run by imperfect humans. I told you about 1975 but you said that the future is all that matters and not the past, I told you about "new light" and "old light" and I asked you, "who got the old light wrong?" but you evaded the question as did everyone else. I told you about the child molestation cover-ups and you responded with "imperfect men," oh how I despise those two words. Why is the organization exempt from the judgement that they themselves destroy others with?

    The catholic church got it wrong, but they are Babylon the great. When it comes to them, you don't care about the future, all you care about is the past. Perhaps they are stuck on old light when it comes to the trinity... But once again, "that shows that they are part of Babylon the great" is what you respond. Child molestation in the church?! "What a bunch of disgustingly atrocious acts! If anything proves that they are Babylon the great, that does" is what I hear. Why so many double standards?

    You went a step further, though, and launched a personal attack when you said "people, such as yourself, use these things as excuses to leave the organization." Yes of course, my friend, that's why I left. I didn't leave because of the hypocrites, the lies, the hierarchy, the hatred for those not inside the organization, the double standards, the disgusting acts. I left because it no longer was convenient for me to stay in. And here I thought you were an intelligent human being. I suppose I was wrong, for you are by far, the most imbecilic, unintelligent, brainless person I have ever debated with.

    And with that, I wish you a wonderful farewell, for you are, as all the others, quite delirious. For you are, just like the others, a hypocrite. For you are, just like the others, a brain-dead puppet.

    Good day to you, sir.

    And now to you lurkers who are sitting on that fence with their tail between their legs, I'm going to be blunt with you. Is this guy right about you? Are you leaving the organization because it isn't convenient for you to stay in? It's an excuse for you to go out into the world and do what you want? Because if it is, then by all means, stay in because you're just like the lot of them. However, if you're searching for real answers, then you've most likely found them. So what are you waiting for? As a wise man once sang:

    Look upon ruin and behold these ways

    When you remove that leash then you'll end the dog days

    Only by hand can you turn that page Only keys of integrity unlock that cage If you swim in foul play you will live among plague If you cut a man's spirit he will bleed just the same When you linger in the desert don't expect to find rain And if you wish to know peace you must come to know pain Every pioneer leaves a home of the brave Every last deed has a seed that remains And with every backlash some are shocked and afraid But you will never see the light if you refuse to leave shade

    So, remove that leash and stop being a dog. Grow a pair (you too ladies) and take action. Yes, it'll be hard, yes people will hate you, yes you will suffer, but would you rather be a mindless puppet whose life wastes away for a cause that is futile? Or would YOU rather live YOUR life and not the life that others want you to live? Wouldn't you rather be out there TRULY helping others? TRULY living to your full potential? Making the most of your life? And most importantly, wouldn't you rather be free rather than a slave? If yes, then get off your ass and do something about it. Stop being a coward. I know you can do it! You are an incredible human being. We all are. You are capable of anything you put your mind to. It just takes effort, will and determination. What separates the losers from the winners? Those three traits. Stay strong and live your life!!

    As always, peace and love,


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Ruff ruff, woof woof and that's how it goes.

  • stuckinarut2

    A strong tirade yes, But you make some great points Garrett.

    Yes, surely some do leave the org and cite the reasons as a conveneint excuse to live a selfish life.

    Most who leave though have indeed done so based on genuine convictions of shock and disgust at the hypocrisy of the org, and the failure of it to own its history and mistakes.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I feel your pain.

    I've had that same BS conversation too many times to count. You can drag the jackass to the window but you can't force him to see (TTATT). People have to open their eyes before they see. Some time ago, we were all just as stubborn and just as blinded. You cannot force them to accept TTATT. They have to discover it on their own.

    Image result for you can't handle the truth


    (You could have skipped the song lyrics.)

  • LongHairGal


    I will also comment on the oft mentioned phrase that "people use these excuses as convenient reasons to leave the organization".

    WHY on earth would somebody stay there after they know all these things and NO longer believe this is truth??? Besides, they misrepresented what they were anyway.

    I truly believe there is a degree of masochism in the Jehovah's Witness psyche and many are gluttons for punishment. They take the scripture about beating their body and leading it as a slave and take it literally. Well, that's their business. They can sleep out in the rain if they like.

    Yeah, I stopped chasing my tail and listening to their garbage. Of course this necessitated walking away from the "borganization".

    If they want to interpret that as my living a selfish life, so be it. It's just a saner life. I'm not even doing anything different other than the fact I'm not at the hall anymore. They're probably angry I'm not under their control and am out of their reach!

    They can call me all the names they want.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    My advice to you is to get off this website, move on with your life, put your past in your rear view mirror, and go live life. Otherwise you're just whipping yourself up into a frenzy. And for what? So you can prove to yourself that you're right? Good luck with that. You'll be here posting the same upheaval 20 years from now if that's what you need. Just go live life and stop worrying about what others want or don't want to do.

    This is just an opinion.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    You have to in life start worrying about that 1 person, which is you. Life is just too short to worry about JW's, JW family and/or their feelings. Who comes first in life?? No1, which is you. Totally contrary to that asinine belief in the JW's how they understand about taking care of your needs.

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