Is it just me

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  • Jayk

    Or is thanksgiving a massive animal sacrifice ritual?

  • waton

    no, it is the omnivores fattening up for the winter, the pardon of the White House Turkey notwithstanding. A fattening up that will not stop until the Christmas leftovers are eaten.

  • Wild_Thing

    Most celebrations are. Christmas, Easter, Boxing Day. It's hard to think of a holiday that isn't surrounded by a lot of meat. Thanksgiving is no different.

  • smiddy3


    Or is thanksgiving a massive animal sacrifice ritual?

    Well just suppose that it is , though I don`t believe so personally, however it pales into insignificance with the massive animal sacrifice rituals that Jehovah God imposed on his chosen people .

    1kings 8:62-64 "twenty two thousand cattle ,and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep that the King and all the sons of Israel might inaugurate the house of Jehovah .

    Jehovah created these animals and has no qualms about offering them up as sacrifices.

    Cain and Abel`s sacrifice to Jehovah Gen.4:3-6 Cain was a cultivator of the ground,whereas Abel brought the firstling`s of his flock even their fatty pieces,

    Who got Jehovah`s favour ? Why Abel of course because he slaughtered one of Jehovah`s creations whereas Cain was found in disfavour because he offered up the first fruits of the ground.

    I think Jehovah God got it arse about ,what do you think ?

  • punkofnice

    Jayky - Dunno, we don't do it here in the UK. reasons.

    Having said that, I did hear a turkey say it was looking forward to Thanksgiving.

  • Onager

    I've just been doing the Thanksgiving festival on a (free) World of Warcraft server and I had to kill 20 turkeys. 20! What is wrong with you Americans?!

  • jesscd

    We have tofurkey - no animals harmed. : )

  • tiki

    Haha...I guess you could look at it that way....but Turkey farmers raise them just for food purposes...we have a great one locally. Its just good healthy food. On that note Happy Thanksgiving dear apostates, agnostics, fence straddlers and fellow crazies!!😍

  • NotNew

    Yes it's you...IMO. Other animals are used for food like Pigs, chickens, cows, etc and I would say that most are not used in a sacrificial ritual then sold to the masses for food! Let's not forget fish used for "Good Friday".

  • LongHairGal


    Nah! You are reading too much into it.

    Thanksgiving is simply a day to get together with loved ones. You know, the ones the JW religion tried to separate me from all those years ago! Thankfully, they did not succeed.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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