Jesus (if he exists) has a heart of stone - a saga about the hurt of children in his church.

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  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW "These are crimes committed by humans among us who used the power of belief to control, exploit and abuse innocent people. Jesus and his Dad are innocent."

    I was also never a JW and I left religion behind at the age of 50 but I still have a strong belief in a loving God. You are correct these are CRIMES committed by humans just as all those crimes many an Elder will hide against any child or woman via child abuse or wife abuse in any Kingdom Hall then justify it by saying 2 witness rule or wife submissive according to that fairytale book written written by some men claiming it was so inspired by God. At the same time there are how many Religions that claim their religion has that magical one book that has the one God, they all cannot be right! Then you have those who claim there is no God and the list goes on. Then you have all the medical mental diagnosis to blame everything on.

    How often today do you hear someone say "I take the blame for......, I did it." No, it has to be blamed on some body or something. On this forum it is God or some mental disorder. I am a survivor of child abuse and spouse abuse and I lost a son, never once did I blame My Loving God he walked with me and kept me strong as I endured these struggles and made me a much stronger person.

    These criminal and those hiding the criminal need to be brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes against humanity.

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