"Did The Straps Hurt the Tree?"

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  • Solzhenitsyn


    Caleb = Tree

    Strap = Discipline

    Ahh yes...the flashbacks of me getting whipped in the KH bathroom and at home, watching my JW peers getting whipped, and then since I was raised in the WT utopia dystopia...me whipping my own children while they were still in diapers. Sickening.

    The JW propaganda machine does an incredible job of saying "we don't advocate physical discipline". So why then did the majority of us born in's get physically beat and grow up to engage in it ourselves?

    Wait...wait for it... OK All Together Now: Because we were in a destructive CULT!

  • Vidiot

    I always got pissed when a JW old-timer complained about corporal punishment being "illegal" (even when it wasn't). In fact, when they did it too often, I'd call 'em on it, too (after I was well-grown up)... "Wow, you must have really enjoyed it; after all, you complain about not being able to use it often enough that you must miss it."

    Never got "counselled" for it either, and the looks I got were fucking priceless.

    Personally, I think the threat of corporal punishment is a lazy-ass shortcut just to get kids to do what you tell them right now, instead of leading by example or explaining to the kid why they needed to do something (which explains why apocalyptic religious folks are so quick to resort to it... The End is about to drop any minute, after all, so they're kind of desperate to get kids to behave "righteously"; therefore, threats/acts of minor violence are justified to save 'em).

    Sure, it can get immediate short-term results, but from what I've seen, though, it doesn't really produce any demonstrable positive long-term effects, and actually engenders a lot of resentment in many adult children against their older parents for the corporal punishments they received.

    Trust me on this one.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Wow the mom has gotten prettier but Caleb's head is two times the size of his mom's.

    Isn't the use of "straps" as an illustration, a little suggestive? I'm a gardener so it's not a bad illo in itself. Just that the use of the word straps, reminds one of getting "the strap"

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    What a fucking bad stinking ass video (yes I had wine :-)

    It looks like this video is more intended for parents (go ahead, punish your children often, they'll love you more!) than for children.

    Children are not trees that need to be fixed into a form.

    Children are people. They are individuals. They are living, breathing, thinking humans.

    They must be set free to roam and discover. They must discover the world and themselves. They must discover how to properly and politely disagree and argue. They must discover their own will and voice. They must discover how to evaluate whether to obey or not.

    Sure, they need a lot of guidance, but most of that is found in the parents' example, natural consequences, and kind explanation.

    And when did anyone ever learn anything from sitting in their room except to be obedient without question and keep their mouth shut?

    Oh wait....that's exactly how Watchtower likes their fresh meat...

  • ToesUp

    I was a lucky one. Had a WONDERFUL Elder father. The best Dad in the world (just rooked into a cult).

    I remember one of my best friends used to have to pull his own switch from a weeping willow tree outside of the KH. His Dad used to leave marks on his legs. I wondered why he always wanted to spend time at my house.

  • Diogenesister

    Solzhenitsyn I admire your honesty. And yes The “straps” are very suggestive.

    I too spoke up on many occasions about kids being beaten ( even babies) in the Kingdom Hall. I found it shocking. Witnesses would almost be in competition to beat their kids the most, as if they won brownie points for doing so.

    its the lazy way to teach, you are right Vidiot leading by example cannot be beaten and it truly comes out when you grow into an adult, which is when it really counts.

  • hoser

    When is Sophia going to get a worldly boyfriend/girlfriend? I can’t wait for that episode.

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