February 13, 2017 BOE Re: Memorial and Special Talk

by wifibandit 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • redpilltwice

    Wifibandit, thanks for keeping us informed...... always! The force is strong with you.

  • steve2

    I am heartened to know that JW organization is so far-sighted, it has already announced the dates for the 2018 and 2019 Memorials. So much for the nearness of the end....

  • Listener

    Perhaps they announced to prevent any internal debates about it. It can't be all sweet smelling roses at HQ these days.

  • krismalone

    What arrogant bs!

    Convey the love of the GB?!

    Glorifying these delusional false prophets.

  • zeb

    "a special talk" oh dear that term is hammered so much it is al-foil thin.

    I recall 'special talks' that were tacked onto the end of multi day conventions. why wasnt the talk incorporated into the convention?

    and I have come away from 'special talks' thinking the only purpose of such a talk was to give the elder doing it his 'moment in the sun'. They never revealed anything new or useful it was the same old drone.

  • baker

    Is this the talk where they tell every RiF to come to the Kingdom hall and stay for 7 days without a cell phone or anything>P"? Try and wait out armegeddeon and don't leave . No pets , they are on their own, Need insulin, your in back luck. Sounds pretty Jones tent people to me.

  • schnell

    It occurs to me so late now that this is called "the memorial", and yet the apostles could not remember the time or day when he actually died.

  • poopie


  • LevelThePlayingField

    Wifi, thanks so much for posting, as always.

    Wait a minute, the letter isn't complete. They forgot to mention the donation arrangement! Oh, shucks, well the elders will just have to do so on their own. Or wait, the GB just got a check from Jared for $453 million. That'll do.

    Did you ever notice by reading that letter or any BOE letters for that matter, that the elders and the congregations have no autonomy? You will do this, then that, and at this time. Nothing further.

  • Incognito
    Or wait, the GB just got a check from Jared for $453 million. That'll do.

    That won't do. No amount of money is ever enough. Give more! Give more!

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