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  • Lee Marsh
    Lee Marsh

    Thank you

  • Atlantis

    Lee Marsh:

    Hi Lee! You are always welcome. Hope you are feeling well and keeping safe.


  • hoser

    It says no one should feel pressured to go door to door.

    I wonder how long that will last?

  • WTWizard

    I bet this is the start of a whole bunch of rules, which will vary in different congregations and be selectively enforced by one or another hounder. You are not in field circus? We will make sure you have no choice but to come out, and forcibly bring you into compliance (and any disassociation attempt will be thrown in the trash, at our discretion). Those useless masks will be required, not just at boasting sessions and field circus but everywhere in public.

    And vaccination. At their discretion, they will impose mandatory vaccinations on individuals, congregations, or circuits. Does one of the hounders or the hounder-hounder feel everyone needs to be vaccinated against this "disease" which is about as serious as a very mild case of poison ivy at its worst? Guess what--they will issue a directive in their congregation or circuit that anyone not vaccinated is guilty of "brazen conduct". As is any individual that someone feels should be vaccinated but is not--and it takes only one to be "stumbled" to get this imposed. And no, the Amazon "shot" does not qualify as "vaccination".

    And where does this stop? Field circus now (and yes, they will be pressured or forced, locally or regionally), Israel or Africa missions (some of which could take your whole life) next? And even if you don't "need" a coronavirus vaccine locally, you will "need" one to board a plane to Israel or Africa. And all it takes is someone to decide that, in lieu of disfellowshipping, they will simply hound you into forced compliance to all these rules (including 200 hours a month of field circus, vaccinations, Africa missions that take whole lifetimes, and "exemplary" rules).

  • Smiles

    "no one should feel pressured to participate in any specific method of preaching."


    JWs never ever 'pressure'... they only strongly encourage, repeatedly... then maybe add a small bit of shaming or shunning to the "encouraging" nudge.

    But, no one should ever feel "pressured"... Gaslighting

    Instead of saying "no one should pressure others"... that WT letter says "no one should feel pressured"...

    So, if you FEEL pressured, your feeling is invalid, and you should not feel that way.

    Exactly what we would expect from a high-control narcissistic relationship.

  • FFGhost

    “No one should feel pressured to participate in any specific method of preaching”

    What a heaping, steaming pile of codswallop.

    More accurately, “no one should feel pressured, until 4 months from now when the inevitable letter is sent in which we scold you and tell you how ungrateful, unspiritual, and just plain inferior you all are for not jumping for joy and performing as we have commanded from on high”.

    In the very same letter, just 4 paragraphs later, is direction for a “local needs” part in 2 weeks to pound, pound, POUND into the minds of everyone how ungrateful, unspiritual, and just plain inferior they are for not attending meetings in person. THE VERY SAME LETTER.

    Whatever happened to the point from the March 12 announcement, “Personal choices regarding vaccination and whether to attend in person should be respected”?

    Gad, what a bunch of wankers.

    I’ll bet every asset I own that no later than January there will be an urgent “what is wrong with you people? Get out in the door to door work right now, you miserable worms” announcement to be read 2 or 4 or 8 times after meetings, followed by “local needs” presenting the same information as if the issue is reading comprehension rather than lack of interest in doing the pointless door to door work.

    Mark this post. Circle it in red and tape it to your wall. No later than January - “Why aren’t you miserable worms doing what we told you?”


  • BluesBrother

    Thanks Atlantis ….. and , Hey! I could read this one with no download problems.

    This was notable…….” elders' meetings should be held in person as was done prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.There will be no provision for a remote tie-in. Elders who are unable to attend in person maybe consulted prior to elders' meetings and should be updated on the body's decisions afterward.”

    So brother elder who has a good reason to be careful will only be told afterwards of the body decisions. He is effectively excluded. He could just be told later that “ we have recommended Bro Numpty to be an elder” or any other daft decision. Of course he will be expected to support it out of loyalty..

  • psyco

    How could the publishers know that "no one should feel pressured to partecipate in any specific method of preaching" since this sentence will not be announced?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    No pressure, but we can nag. I know one neighbor witness who lost fwmiky to covid, has hidden ghealth issues and they repeatedly ask me why h e doesn't attend. Go ask him! I think he does wimp at times, but...... he never ver gets the info forwarded to him, at least my " leader" does send meeting changes etc. to me. I forward it to him.

    As said, t h e beatings will continue

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