Money Laundering

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  • Solzhenitsyn

    Well friends how about another update straight from the mole in the Treasurers Office?

    Fact: Tens of thousands of Bethelites have taken a vow of poverty and live/work in branches all over the world.

    Fact: They all get a stipend based on local need, "cost of living", tenure, ect. Sure room, board, and the 'Bethel boutique' provide most things but these people still have needs (travel home, tampons, McDonalds, ect). Whatever the case it ain't much money they personally get.

    Fact: A large portion of them are sent gifted money from family and friends.

    Fact: Bethelites are given specific direction to never have family and friends directly send them money.

    Fact: Normally, there is a trail. If money is sent via post it must be claimed through customs + ergo someones taxes. If money is wired, there is also a trail and it must be claimed on someones taxes. "This can cause problems for the branch."

    Fact: Via the treasurers office they facilitate routing person to person money through their internal non-profit financial systems. The sender makes a 401c "donation" to WT Attn: US Treasurers office earmarked for Brother Bobby or Sister Tammy and au voila, off it goes tax free and untraceable. The Bethelite on the other end receives into their Bethel account @ some branches and others they are given a local branch disbursement check to locally cash.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Typo above...501(c)....not 401(c)

  • sir82

    "This can cause problems for the branch."

    I think you might be talking about sending gifts to Bethelites in foreign countries, since you mention customs?

    I don't see how US Brother My-Son-Is-A-Behelite's check to his kid who is in Patterson has to be claimed on anyone's taxes, nor ow it could "cause problems" for the WTS.

  • fulano

    About fact 6. I was in special full-time service and had a supportive family, but never heard anything about this, not on the annual missionary meeting nor in personal contacts with branch members and foreign CO's.

    Where did you get this information?

  • JeffT

    I'm a retired accountant.

    None of this makes any sense, nothing you describe is "money laundering." In the U S gifts from one inidividual to another are not taxable. If the WTBS is taking money sent to individuals without their permission its called "stealing."

  • fulano

    Jeff, for what I understand, the op states that someone makes a donation to WT, deducts the donation, and WT transfers it to the relative who is in full time service.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Sir82 you are correct.

    So sorry, my OP wasn't clear.

    The conversation I had was specifically talking about a US based donor wanting to send money to a bethelite in another country.

  • fulano
    So how is it a fact?
  • Solzhenitsyn

    I say its a fact because i was sitting in the treasurers office listening to the Bethelite tell me the process by which they circumvent the Cesar of the US and other countries.

  • Giordano

    Here is a fact......... back in the day........ late 1950's to mid 1960's....... Bethel Brothers and Sisters in world headquarters Brooklyn N.Y. were paid 14 dollars per month. They worked 5 and a half days per week which was a total.......... give or take........ 44 hours a week. Their per hour pay was aprox.13 cents per hour.

    Yes they got free board and food but 13 cents an hour to be spent on subway costs to get to their assigned KH's?

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