Do JW's still go door-to-door?

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  • sowhatnow

    I live in rural, we have a small town, they dont do carts here.

    ive never seen one at any mall or any retail store either, I don't think they are allowed. the still are die hard door to door people who like to drive around country roads for two or four hours wasting gas and getting people pissed. and sometimes get stuck at the bottom of someones driveway in the snow, because they are too stupid to stay home and need to 'get in their time' each week. omg, you should hear these older people when they dont get out in service its like they were being judged right then and there. making all sorts of excuses why they 'cant' or haven't got out. its like a competition. ' I got in 15 hours this week'

    while knowing they live off social security, have no money to buy so much as a blanket for their bed. but hey they got gas money!

    Last night I was at my mothers house, shes 74.

    she mentioned, [ as she like do do, so very close to the time she knows I have to leave]

    that 'they' had a new service meeting, 'its not the kingdom ministry anymore' . she started to tell me what the purpose was of that 'new' booklet or paper or whatever it is, and I said to her, "wow, mom your how old and you still need to be taught how to go door to door? seriously, mom how long does it take to have someone explain to you how to ask someone if they wish to read a magazine?" its not like learning how to fly a jet. its just repeat repeat at the meetings.

    and she says, "hey, the older you get the more you forget, we all need reminded"

    well lol, round and around for a few minuets, gets around to this...

    I said, "mom, you seriously did not just say that the watchtower has not changed teachings"

    she says, "they never changed their central doctrines! they adjust their understanding and have new light"

    lol wow, so I say, "seriously mom, there is no difference, and yes they have changed things, you have read it yourself right at your very own meetings in the past 5 years, and its totally factual want me to show you?"

    she says " no they haven't and you want to believe all that propaganda off tv and watch all those documentaries, and read stuff online that's your choice, and sadly you are so misled."

    Well, shes a riot, i never ever led her to believe that, I always tell her the same thing"mom, I dont need to read anything, the bible doesn't say that, look it up, i dont see that in the bible" she then says

    "oh you never liked service and meetings anyway, your just looking for an excuse to stop going"

    oh I love that one. she knows just how to spread the guilt virus and push buttons in that house that's for sure. everyone is a child still in her house.

    so she always repeats the same half scripture, 'do not forsake gathering yourselves together" like that fixes everything,lol

    I said 'mom, so its ok for you to use one scriture to create a whole teaching, and claim its a command.

    Jesus never commanded that."

    And she says " yes he did"


    and as it goes, she mumbles and leaves the room.

    I get ready to go home, she hugs me goodbye and gives me my dozen of farm eggs, and says "so are you going to be up sunday?"

    lol. and off I go.

    she has not once ever had a scripture ready for me, lol,

    I so need a life.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    Door2door don't stop, you have to report when you finished preachIng in all your territory. Normally you should finish it twice a year. With the flyerstuff and invitations it's easy. Even easier you say that you finished and don't disturb the people in your territory. ;)

    You have to order the carts by the bOrg, they send it with the literature. There plans, when and where. Mostly at the carts only uber-dubs and younger once allowed.

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