Christian Scientist article - JW parallels

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  • Vidiot
    peacefulpete - "They have made yuuuuuge advances in the last 50 years..."


    Every damned thing they've gotten wrong in the last 50 years, they've made half-assed excuses for, or doubled down on.

    I wouldn't call that "advancing".

  • peacefulpete

    lol, I meant as far as becoming mainstream in character and image.

  • dozy

    The semi collapse of the Worldwide Church of God after Armstrong died is another ( probably better , in terms of JWs ) example of what happens when a USA Protestant sect starts to decline. It eventually splintered into a dozen or so different groups and the parent group changed a lot of beliefs and became much more of a traditional church.

    The key to maintaining the current structure JWs is the authority of the GB. At the moment , that looks secure , but who knows? Sooner or later , people are begin wondering if Armageddon is really going to come - the Society can only stretch out the 1914 generation doctrine so much When these things start unraveling ( as they almost did with the purge of Franz , Dunlap etc in the late 1970's ) things can happen very quickly.

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