Serving where the need is great or serving where their needs are great?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    There is even a website for “needgreaters”

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    2 jw families I know are having a 6 month 'preaching holiday' in Europe right now and spamming instagram daily with their wondrous experiences.

    Apparently, it's not bleak, ex-soviet countries that need help, it seems to be the exceptionally beautiful parts of Italy.

  • zeb

    shallow, superficial, and like the hypocrites who had (paid) trumpeters announce their temple donations

  • john.prestor
    It gets them serious 'cred' in their home congregation, and I'm guessing it helps get them promotions too since it shows their 'spirituality (commitment).
  • Drearyweather
    I sometimes wonder if the friends who go abroad to serve "where the need is great" are not simply going because "their needs are great."

    Would be fair on this. These JW's spend their own money so they are welcome to go where they want. At least they not like cedars who was asking for money from child abuse victims for his book and was seen holidaying in Venice.

    One cannot discredit them simply because the country has good beaches or has good tourist destinations. There are good beaches in India too, and there are many young American and British JW's who have come here to preach. Mind you, it's a complete shit hole of a country and having good tourist destinations doesn't make your life automatically enjoyable.

    There are many JW's who actually live and preach in dirt poor countries. In many third world countries, the growth has been attributed to these need greaters.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Serving where the need is more fun gets you the accolades of your peer group and a network of connections from whom you can take full advantage of for jobs, accommodations, meals and anything else you might need.

    I've never heard of anyone going to Nome Alaska or anywhere in the frozen north. It's always some sunny destination.

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