More Info on the Montana Sex Abuse Decision

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  • berrygerry
    Watchtower Corp Inc of New york is worth OVER $2 BILLION. Christian cong is worth $49 million. They obviously have other corporations like W Corp of Pennsylvania and overseas branches, but it's a bloody healthy bank balance.

    There is a big difference between net worth and cash in the bank.

  • AndersonsInfo

    If you click on the words in blue in the actual Missoulian article (see the paragraph below), you'll see a copy of the Complaint that you can read which I filed with the Attorney General's office in both NY and in PA a few months ago. In that 113-page Complaint there is important information which should move you to call or write the AG's offices in these two states supporting the investigation I requested.

    Thank you.

    Barbara Anderson

    "Anderson used these figures to compile a 113-page report, which in May she submitted to the Attorney General's offices in New York and Pennsylvania, hoping a similar probe would take place in the United States into the list of 775 pedophiles known to church officials. As of last week, she had yet to hear back from the New York and Pennsylvania officials on her submission."

  • LV101

    Barbara -- you're AMAZING!! We all need to write or call!


  • DesirousOfChange

    We all need to write or call!

    Citizens (read: "VOTERS") of Pennsylvania and New York need to write or call!

  • LV101

    Thx, DOC! I'll not skip around here.

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