The Circuit Overseer Says 'Just Do More'.........

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  • minimus

    My mother told me that last night's meeting was about how we all simply have to do more. If we are asked to work on a Saturday, we should KNOW that Saturday morning belongs to Jehovah and that the automatic answer simply is "No, that time is set aside for Jehovah." He said our congregation is down to 60 something publishers and we simply just can't afford to lose anymore..... He gave an example of a boy and his dad that were out hunting. The father says, "It's 5 o'clock and mom has supper waiting for us now. We have to go home and run or else we'll be late." The boy doesn't quite run fast enough until he sees a large animal running after him. Then he actually speeds pasts his dad!.....The moral of the story is, even if we don't believe we can run in our race to serve Jehovah and endure, if we REALLY wanted to, we could.....We are to speedily due our utmost to serve God even if we put in our time simply because we don't want the elders calling us.....BOTTOM LINE: Just do more. Don't stop in the race and even if we felt we couldn't continue----you really can if you want to.

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  • drwtsn32

    So the circuit overseer is a wild animal that chases after us? Ok, that makes sense.

  • Enishi

    I feel really sorry for the witnesses in the congregations that are sensitive to this kind of guilt prodding, the organization will never stop berating them to do more until their spirits and backs are broken.

  • morty

    more service,more meetings,more prayer,more service, more service,more meetings, blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,

    when will they stop?


  • shamus

    I wish that I was there to rebutt what he said. I would just say, "well, you didn't want me to go to college, I didn't. Now I make barley enough money to live, and need every cent that I can get. If I gotta work on Saturdays then it's THE SOCIETY'S FAULT, not mine."

    Those arrogant bastards.

    The same old rule goes on... do more. Do more... do more...

    You know what? Maybe witnesses need to take a saturday off, to catch up on some yard work, or to sleep in, or to LIVE LIFE... spend time with they're wife and kids. Go to the park and relax. Help your child with homework. Treat your family to dinner, do a puzzle together, maybe, just maybe, just have ONE DAY when you don't have to push yourself to the max running around like chickens with your heads cut off with a bunch of freakin' hypocrites telling lies of paradise earff, and how beautiful it would be to pet snakes and lick tigers clean, and all that fantasy nonsense.

    The cult goes on... the cult goes on... how long ppl will put up with it I don't know. I sure got sick of hearing that I wasn't good enough for god's system, despite giving it 110 percent... so will the rest.

    Minimus, expect your publishers in your old hall to go down past 60.

  • Pistoff

    drwtsn32 said: So the circuit overseer is a wild animal that chases after us? Ok, that makes sense. Don't you just love crappy analogies and illustrations that don't work???

  • greven

    What surprises me the most is that the analogy is about hunting!

    You know: pointing a gun at a deer and sqeezing the trigger and stuff. Wasn't that a big NO NO?!



  • Sassy

    Hunting was ok if you did it for food.

    The one thing I always felt when the CO came, was a reminder that I wasn't a very good witness and I needed to be doing more. No matter how much you are doing, MORE is needed. It was a setup to always feel like failure.

  • rocketman

    Yep, more of the same rhetoric. Heaven (in this case the Society) forbid you make a little extra money, or take a day off.

    This summer, I started in on some work on the outside of my home. There seemed to be so much that needed to be done, even though I've lived here for over two decades. I wondered how I could have gone so long without doing this stuff - then I remembered - I was out in service virtually every Saturday and two to three Sundays each month. No wonder I never had time.

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