Just curious, what have some of you done with your exspensive book bags?

by Singing Man 32 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Nosferatu

    I have no clue whatever happened to mine. I remember picking it up at a second hand store for $3. I think my mother still has it somewhere.

  • bebu
    I use mine to carry "Crises of C." Dave Reeds book" Answers to Jehovahs Witnesses".Randy Watters news letters- Dan Halls" Revealer." "Awake to the Watchtower by Doug Harris." Dave Reeds "Jehovahs Witnesses Verse by Verse" " Why I left Jehovahs Witnesses" by Ted Dencher- And the one book I really like to "place" Jean Easons "A Jehovah Witness Finds the Truth" when I go to differant churches - houses- Schools-Bible College's to tell them why they DONT need a BOOK BAG!!!!

    Very good, Mouthy! BTW, I met Jean Eason back in 1991. She's really something special!! (I have her book still, too.)

  • shamus

    I tried to burn it and IT WOULDN'T BURN!

    Actually, mine was a cheap piece of crap, and I threw it out. I still had two territories in it, too!

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