Especially for Waiting.

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  • RedhorseWoman

    As a Southerner, I thought you might appreciate this true experience from my younger days.

    I used to work for a badge manufacturing company that supplied Police and Fire Department badges to cities and towns all across the country.

    There were different grades of metal that could be used, with varying prices. We also offered colored lettering on the badges in either soft enamel (which was actually paint), or hard-fired enamel (which was more expensive).

    We received an order from a small Sheriff's Department in a Southern Town. The address was Sheriff's Department, In Care of Joe's Garage (I kid you not).

    The Sheriff did not indicate what color lettering he wanted on his badge, nor the type of enamel desired. So, I wrote to him and asked him his preferences.

    He wrote back, all excited, saying, "Enamel? I didn't realize I could get enamel on my badge! Could I have a Giraffe?"

  • waiting

    Red, y'all jes pullin' ma leg.....

    Well, maybe not. Those one car police cars abound down here. Usually it's the local garage/car mechanic. Everyone slows down going through those towns. Huge tickets. We all have a story on how much we've spent in speeding tickets.


  • RedhorseWoman

    No, I'm not pulling your leg. I got much hilarity from some of the badge orders from Southern towns.

    We also used to embed things in lucite. A very popular item (again from people in the South) was to have "turkey beards" embedded. I could never understand what the fascination was with turkey beards.

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