went to see MOM for MOTHERS day and jw dad showed up

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  • JunkYardDog

    I surprised mom with flowers and cake ,candy etc. she was so happy, I told her I was going to work. And couldn't see her for mother's Day, She said she was just staying home,as none of my non jw bro's or sisters were taking her out for dinner. DING DONG I knock on the door, Mom said who is it? I changed my voice and said "we are here bring GOOD NEWS TO HOUSE HOLDERS IN TOWN". She started cursing get the fu%f out of here... I kept knocking DING DONG, KNOCK KNOCK. MOM finally opened the door. She said you tricked me, gave me a big hug and kiss, did I say she was so happy as she was just sitting home alone, she found a vase fast for the flowers, I never seen her make coffee so fast. Mom and me are having a good time singing and talking, 2 hours latter Dad the Wt Zombie comes home from the kingdumb hell. starts eating the all of 2 boxes of cakes and Italian pastries . So I ask my Pop "how can you eat the whole Catholic Saint Joseph cake, and eat the whole cake that says Happy Mothers day on it and Not even save a piece for MOM..?. i started railing on the wts and what a HYPOCRITE he was. I was in overdrive asking why is the craptower begging for $$$$$ when they closed down @ 20 bethels in the last 10 years, selling off KH'S like crazy, begging for $$$$$and FUCKING the bro's and sisters to donate for a new assembly halls all over the United States , and over and over again they cancel the project either in Ohio, Georgia, NewYork, Detroit, Mexico etc . you Pick the city or town the WTS made the local bro's donate MILLIONS AND MILLIONS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THEN CANCEL THE NEW ASSEMBLY HALL.... DID THEY EVER GIVE BACK THE $$$ TO THE POOR LOCAL J DUBS? WHAT THE fuck did they do with the MILLIONS $$$$$$$$$$$$$ build MANSIONS IN PATTERSON OR WARWICK. THEN i START using the bible about building up treasures on earth and nothing in heaven... I was just warming up on his Zombie ASS. I went into child abuse and how the wts was losing cases like crazy all over the world. U.S ,FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, RUSSIA, JAPAN CANADA. ENGLAND, IRELAND, HOLLAND, FINLAND, SWEDEN, EVEN ITALY YOUR HOME COUNTRY, that you hate so much, maybe when you went to school as a boy the Nuns took a Paddle to your ass? then I went into the "good news" of how a young woman DROPPED DEAD FROM CHILD BIRTH. FOR NOT TAKING BLOOD and how some local jw 17 kid died from a car accident no blood again .. I asked "what did Jesus say to the elders about saving the sheep from the well on the sabbath? they broke the LAW ? no they are HYPOCRITES... I could write for and other hour about how I KICKED my jw pop's ass today, trying to screw up my time with MOM on Mothers day.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    WOW, the dam broke! i'm glad he controlled his temper, didn't lash out at you. He's probably like me, if there are sweets around, stuff them down to keep bad feelings down. You made your mom happy, that's the main thingā™„

  • scratchme1010

    Please use the Enter key!

  • JunkYardDog

    scratchme1010; what do mean use the enter key? Did you not find anything in my post other than how computer dumb I Am ? I never really liked your posts before , till I read your Apostate story, I feel your story, you take no shit. that was the best post you ever made. otherwise I think you just post on every topic and have crap to say, I take no shit either and my Mom just just told me some Jackass elder that i know for years has been breaking her balls again, well this jw's old telephone number is now disconnected as I called today. BUT I WILL BE AT HIS DOOR TOMORROW MORNING BIBLE IN MY HAND. AND WILL GIVE HIM LIVING HELL FOR FUCKING WITH MY NON JW MOTHER, AS I've been to his door before for his bullshit... I guess in 20 years i have been lazy and only reamed him out 20 times, I know where he does FS and I'm Going to stop at his door preaching 4 times a week .I'm sure his elderly wife will enjoy Me KNOCKING KNOCKING EVERY OTHER DAY . ASKING ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS HE COULD NEVER ANSWER IN 25 YEARS, MAYBE IF I KEEP BREAKING HIS WIFES AND HIS BALLS , HE WILL STOP FUCKING UPSETTING MY 80 YEAR OLD MOTHER. for

  • Finkelstein

    Some people can be handled in different ways than others.

  • JaniceA

    I'm sure all that contention just made your mom's day.

  • Crazyguy

    You got all that out with out him cutting you off or leaving unbelievable.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    I want half a kilo of whatever you're on JYD

  • JunkYardDog

    no body here believes me or thinks I'm on drugs. Far from true my Mom was also cursing the crap out of the jw's along with me, as she does everyday. Sure jw dad tried the we are jehovahs people blab blab blab, till I came back with didn't jesus say there will be false teachers using gods name, now lets go over some false teaching like how my grandmother born in 1897 was the generation to see the events of WW1, and how I clearly heard him tell her the world will end before she dies , and she better become a jw or else Jehovah will kill her, well she died around 1993 at 95 yrs old. some generation of 1914 crap you kept pounding on a your old mother . A WOMAN YOU CAN'T SAY A BAD WORD ABOUT,,, EXCEPT SHE WOULDN'T BECOME A JW, I know every jw bs trick in the book, the more they lie to me the bigger grave they dig one stroke of the shovel at a time. and I make them know they lying bastards with every stroke of the shovel, Mom enjoyed my coming to see her and help curse out the jw's along with her. Mom is a FIRECRACKER and the jdubs are scared shit of her. next week I'm taking her out for her 80th birthday, with all the trimmings, you have to take off your hat and respect a mother that resisted the jw's for 50 years and not one of her kids ever became a jw.

  • JunkYardDog

    I just went back and read a few posts I made here under the names Johnny cip and judge rutherFRAUD. I can say I have never changed how I hate the WTS. I WAS looking for a post about when my Mother went to the kingdumb haLL ABOUT 45 yrs ago and dragged out this jw woman out of her chair and started kicking her ass . because her Angel jw 6 year old son had a school room fight with my baby brother. My jw dad black and blued my brothers face over this angel jw kid My Mom came into the kingdom hall and went wild kicking this jw woman and pulling her hair out, it was a sight to be seen. it took my father and a number of jw's to unlock my mom from that wt cunt rag, my mom took me and brother and sister from the kh that day on the city bus to White Castle for dinner, Mom kicked the OFF ABOUT 100 jw's at THE KINGDOM HALL East GUNHILL RD, BRONX NY OFF PAULDING AVE. YOU HAD to see how my baby brothers face was so LUMPED UP. FOR SOME LITTLE SCUM BAG JW 6YR OLD KID, MY MOM rocks she walked into a full kingdom hall and went and dragged that bitch right into the aisle, That's a true story your mileage may vary . I don't pussy foot with jw's ,

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